Making Good Choices Series, Book 1: Taking Responsibility Builds Trust by Karen Sue Wiesner (Children's Picture Book: Interactive)

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Karen Wiesner
Jun 9, 2015
"This interactive e-book for young children by Karen Sue Wiesner encourages children to make good choices by presenting different scenarios and asking them to make judgement calls.

"An excellent teaching tool for very young children, "Taking Responsibility Builds Trust" allows children to make choices and see the consequences. It is easy to navigate, and is most suitable for ages ten and under... Beers' illustrations are cute and colorful."

~Paula Kirman for Women Writers at About
"The Making Good Choices e-book series is an interactive set of stories primarily written for elementary aged children. This book, "Taking Responsibility Builds Trust" is obviously about trust. A character named Reb Raccoon guides young readers through a series of stories incorporating 'the Good Choice Kids', in given circumstances and then asking the reader whether the kids made good choices or not within those scenarios.

"For example, the one of the stories revolves around a young boy named Cody and his mother, who go to the playground. Cody's mother sits on a bench to read while Cody plays nearby. But Cody has trouble interacting with other children and after several examples of his bad behavior are illustrated, the reader is asked about the kinds of choices Cody made. Doing so gives the young reader clear examples of both good and bad behavior and guides them toward an understanding of what is expected of them.

"This e-book will definitely appeal to young children, especially since it is interactive and allows the child to jump around by clicking on various links within the pages. Ms. Wiesner's writing style is clear and simply structured, and each page is illustrated with friendly, colorful and engaging characters through the talent of artist Beers.

"Thoughtful, friendly and appealing, "Taking Responsibility Builds Trust" is a definite plus on any parent's bookshelf."

~Reviewed by Denise M. Clark for
5 Stars! "The Making Good Choices series is an interactive set of stories and illustrations designed to help parents and kids understand each other and to work together toward making good decisions. The series is designed for preschoolers and elementary school-aged kids. Each book has a set of short stories where the character (a child) makes choices. This book focuses on "responsibility" and "trust". This book has a boy with two stories. In the first, his choices are made on a playground. In the second, his choices are made during a sleep-over with a friend.

"Your child will read this story and decide whether the story's character made good choices or not. By clicking on YES or NO your child is able to be interactive with the story. Which ever answer your child clicks on, the story will take your child to another section of the book and tell him/her if the answer they chose was good or not. Then it explains WHY.

"The host of the book is Reb Raccoon. Reb will award your child gold stars for good choices, as well as, plant "seeds of knowledge". Children will enjoy interacting with Reb Raccoon and will read the book over and over. It is a perfect way to help children learn about building trust and taking responsibility for their own actions. A print version of the series will be released later. PERSONALLY, I prefer the electronic version of the series. WHY? A simple click of a mouse shows your child whether his/her answer was a good choice or not. The print version will have the answers in the back of the book. I look forward to the second book of this series. Highly recommended!"

~HUNTRESS REVIEWS (Reviewed by Detra Fitch)
"Meet Reb Raccoon as he takes kids through a series of stories and teaches them in a fun way, how to make good choices. We love this book because of it's interactive components. Clickable links help kinds to better understand concepts. The pictures are bright and extremely personable. Children from preschool through elementary school will enjoy this book. The quality is superb as is the many messages it sends."

~Wee Ones Magazine
"I just finished reading and re-reading "Taking Responsibility Builds Trust" by Karen Sue Wiesner and illustrated beautifully by Robert Lee Beers. It is the first book of her "Making good Choices" series published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing.

"I must say, this book is the most fascinating and thought-provoking children's I have read in years. The author has discovered a way of dealing with enormously complicated questions which each of our children face every day of their life.

"The "targeted audience" of pre-school and elementary aged school children are presented in a series of "everyday life" scenarios, then are asked to make a "choice" as to how they would have handled the situation. After choosing, they are shown the consequences of their decision, then pre
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