Blood Bred Series Book 1: Gift of Blood (ebook and print) by JennaKay Francis (Fantasy: Vampire)

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Bitten by Books (
Gift of Blood is the first story in the Blood Bred Series written by JennaKay Francis. In Gift of Blood, Ms. Francis first introduces us to Vectors, a wonderfully original take on vampires. This book tells the story of Jaeger who is half-human and half-Vector. His half-breed status leads to much self doubt and some self loathing.

Jaeger’s antagonist is Celd, a full-blood Vector who never fails to point to Jaeger’s mixed heritage, whether intentionally or not. Both Jaeger and Celd want the same female Bleeder, but for entirely different reasons. This compounds what is already a difficult time in Jaeger’s life as he is coming into his full Vector powers.

The world of Jaeger and Celd is inhabited by witches, Vectors, Bleeders, humans, and half-breeds. Ms. Francis reveals the details about the nature of her characters slowly and adds layer upon layer of information regarding the nature of Vector society, their need for Bleeders, the Bleeders’ need for Vectors, and the interplay between the different groups. This is a story about redemption, self-sacrifice, and love.

The era in which the story takes place is definitely pre-industrial, but serves as a simple backdrop to the story. I only wish that the Gift of Bloodwas longer so that the world in which these unique characters live could be brought more fully to life. This is an engaging read and a good start to the Blood Bred Series.
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C. Penn "WordWeaving" (Greenville, SC) Amazon Reviewer
Jan 1, 2000
Half-breed Jaeger has always rejected his vampire/vector heritage, refusing to feed on humans. But his passage into adulthood overrides his restraint, forcing Jaeger to sate his hunger. He has spent most of life fleeing those who hunt his kind. He depends upon illusion for safety, but he meets a woman who senses the truth of his existence and desires him.

Bleeders build too much iron in the system: a potentially fatal condition. Rhiannon believes that if she can form a relationship with a Vector, both will benefit. While Celd wants her, however, Rhiannon prefers Jaeger. Celd feeds from humans, using them and discarding them at will, while she senses the good in Jaeger, promising him a new life for both of them.

Celd is one of the Chosen, his father one of the Sovereign's closest aids. He has the right to select a human to make her a hostess for his child since vector females do not bear children. Celd wishes to completely possess Rhiannon, taking her mind body and soul. Her body would feed him even as her witchcraft would increase his strength and power.

As a long time fan of JennaKay Francis, I have high expectations of this prolific author, and with A GIFT OF BLOOD those expectation of been exceeded. Taking up the challenge of a fellow author, Francis pens a vampire romance that combines her classic touch with an original approach. The result is a surprising fresh and spellbinding tale readers will not be able to put down. In addition, Francis once again proves her ability to challenge her characters' sexual identity and to push them to the edge of possibility, yet they remain remarkably sympathetic and believable. A symbiotic relationship between Vectors and Bleeders makes a fabulous premise for this new series, and readers will be eager for the next installment. A GIFT OF BLOOD earns the WordWeaving Award for Excellence.
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