Blood Bred Series Book 3: New Beginnings (ebook and print) by JennaKay Francis (Fantasy: Vampire)

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Sally for Bitten by Books (
New Beginnings is the third book in Blood Bred series written by JennaKay Francis. New Beginnings takes place nearly 2 years after the events in the second book, From the Heart.

The Vector Sovereign has sent Jaeger (from the 1st book) to speak with Baris about helping him track down a Vector in the town of Erster. This Vector is addicted to hack, a powerful drug, and is endangering all Vectors by his behavior. Baris is understandably reluctant having become addicted to hack in that same town. He wants to think it over. Anika, Baris' wife, is pregnant with their second child. While Baris ponders whether he should join Jaeger, Anika gives birth and falls ill. Baris brings his family to the Lair to seek a cure for Anika. Once there he encounters Deidre and is again caught in Deidre's plans. She will save his wife, if he will help her escape. Baris feels he has no choice and agrees to aid Deidre. They leave the Lair with Sirab, Baris' child with Deidre...a child that Baris has never seen. In the meantime, Jaegar proceeds to Erster without him accompanied by Vail, a male witch and Bleeder. They search for Adan, the hack addicted Vector.

This is the longest of the three books in the series and the most complex as it deals with three intertwined story lines. The first storyline deals with Deidre and Baris. How will Baris react to with being alone with Deidre? How will he deal with his son? The second storyline deals with Jaegar and Vail's search for Adan. Jaeger still has doubts about himself because he is only half Vector. Will this interfere in his search for Adan? The third storyline deals with Adan himself. Will he realize that he is not in control and that the drug is ruining his life? This again is a story that deals with addiction, but in much more depth than the prior book in the series.

While this is a dark story in many ways, it is a compelling read. I give it four tombstones. The town of Erster is described in detail giving a sense of place to the story. The evils of drug addiction and the damage it inflicts both directly and indirectly are very clearly shown, if somewhat shocking at times. The story moves along well and brings the storylines together to a satisfying conclusion.
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