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The Cull Chronicles by Daniel Devine

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When Earth is conquered by a technologically superior race called the Grath, humanity is forced to work–and fight–for them. But not all humans are content to submit to their masters…

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The Cull Chronicles Book 1: The Next Best Thing to Heroes 3d coverThe Cull Chronicles Book 1: The Next Best Thing to Heroes

While the rest of humanity is forced to toil away their lives in dank factories building equipment for the alien war machine of the Grath, Jason Cull and a select few are being trained to help fight battles in place of their masters. According to the Academy’s brochures, Jason should be one of the best and the brightest the human race has to offer. So why does he feel decidedly average?

As graduation and the impending trials of war close in, Jason and his closest friends find themselves kidnapped by forces with radically different plans. Thrown into the midst of a resistance movement that demands him to fight against the Grath instead of alongside them, Jason begins the process of proving himself all over again.Read More

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GENRE:  Science Fiction     ISBN: 9781921636189     Word Count: 70, 485

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The Cull Chronicles Book 2: The Enemy of My Enemy 3d cover

The Cull Chronicles Book 2: The Enemy of My Enemy

Jason Cull has never really imagined he’d carry the title of captain. But when the resistance movement Freedom‘s launch is botched and their leader is killed, Jason ends up the man in charge. Since the Grath conquered the Earth and started putting humans to work, Jason has struggled to believe he’s special despite being one of the select few chosen to help fight battles in place of humanity’s new masters. Being kidnapped by the resistance movement and made their leader has put him in the uncomfortable position of being the one to figure out how to literally save the world.

His only consolation is that the Freedom‘s former leader at least left him with a vague idea what to do next: Find the alien race, the Bettarians, who are already at war with the Grath and strike a deal with them to help win back Earth. The Bettarian’s empire may be rumoured to be vast, but Jason’s seemingly fruitless ferreting from one end of the galaxy to the other has him concluding the universe is one pretty enormous haystack. Beyond that, the mission to scour outer space for allies gives Jason lots of time to mull over the former leader’s ill-conceived plan.

He’s left with a question he has no answer to by the time his search is successful: What can one ship full of refugees from a backwards planet possibly offer a sweeping and ancient alien empire in exchange for their assistance? Especially when it turns out that they all have much bigger problems than the Grath… Read More

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ISBN: 978-1-921636-88-2     Word Count: 84, 458

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The Cull Chronicles Book 3: The True Threat 3d cover

The Cull Chronicles Book 3: The True Threat

Captain Jason Cull aboard the resistance movement’s ship Freedom has made his deal with the devil: If Jason can discover a way to defeat their most feared foe, the Bettarian emperor will free the Earth from their mutual enemy, the Grath’s, alien occupation. But this new adversary, the Vex, has proven far stronger than anything they’ve faced before. Jason would be remiss in forgetting that the ship’s first spy mission ended in disaster and tragedy. He wonders if, Freedom–the Earth’s last hope–has simply traded one impossible task for another with their new alliance.

Jason and his crew have lost friends and been driven out of the last place they considered safe. Pitting a ship that’s too battered to go into battle and a team too small to take a difference against a superior enemy would be foolish at best, suicide at worst.

Even if they could start from scratch, the odds aren’t in their favor. But Jason refuses to give up easily. Humanity hasn’t come this far, endured so much, for nothing. One way or another, the mighty Vex fleet can be stopped. All Jason has to do is find one weakness…Read More

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GENRE: Science Fiction     ISBN: 978-1-925574-76-0    ASIN: B087QN2N31     Word Count: 89, 377

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