The River Series by Herb Marlow

The road from Louisiana to the L Bar Ranch on the Bosque River, Texas is a long and dangerous one, but for Earl Lamar, recently discharged sergeant from the First Texas Confederate Cavalry, it’s the only way home.

The River Series, Book 1: Trouble on the Bosque

After surviving the war, discharged Confederate soldier Earl Lamar learns his parents didn’t…and the responsibility of the L Bar Ranch falls to him.

After selling enough cattle to care for the original cowboys and new families, the Esperanzas and the Roses along with cook Henry Spooner, Earl has his work cut out for him keeping the ranch going with rustlers, conmen, false imprisonment and Comanche raids all presenting tough challenges to be overcome. When Earl falls in love and he and Gloria find themselves expecting their first child, he begins to hope that maybe, just maybe, a new life awaits him on the Bosque.


ASIN: B00CZ7NYPE     GENRE: Western     ISBN: 978-1-922233-11-0      Word Count: 66,549

The River Series, Book 2: Drive the Pecos

It is June 1866, and Texas is struggling to recover from the effects of the War Between the States. Cattle are not worth much in Texas, but other places are clamoring for beef, and the Goodnight-Loving trail is opened that summer to sell cattle to the U.S. government to feed reservation Indians. Earl decides to add two hundred head of cattle to Charles Goodnight’s first drive to the Pecos River.

But trouble is brewing in Texas, and Meridian and Bosque County will not be left out. The L Bar family must fight rustlers, bushwhackers and carpetbaggers to hold onto and maintain the ranch. It appears that things have settled down, however, a ruthless banker and some bushwhackers kidnap Elmer, the women and children, thinking they have put the other three men out of commission.


ASIN: B00P5WYMNY     ISBN: 978-1-876962-31-9     Word Count: 222, 585

The River Series, Book 3: Red River Rising

Earl Lamar, former Confederate soldier and Bosque County, Texas rancher, has made two successful cattle drives, selling cattle to keep the L Bar and all of its people taken care of. Now it is 1867, and Earl knows if he can take his herd safely across the Red River and Indian Territory, he can bring back enough money to last for a long time. But the trail to Kansas is filled with danger. There are all of the rivers to cross, Indians to avoid or fight, bad weather and worse cattle thieves. Earl has his work cut out for him…


ASIN: B01FR5PUSO      ISBN: 978-1-925191-97-4     Word Count: 52, 918