Time Travellers Trilogy by Linda Massola

While vacationing on a houseboat situated smack dab in the middle of a dry lake bed, the Stanton kids and their cousins discover a time machine that makes their lives a whole lot more interesting…and without a doubt more dangerous!

Time Travellers Trilogy, Book 1: H20 To Go!

While holidaying on a houseboat in the middle of a dry lake bed, the Stanton kids and their cousins find a time machine that someone is apparently using for their own evil purposes. When they discover that Mr. Powers is the reason for water disappearing from the lake, they have to use all their scientific knowledge and imagination to outwit the culprit and his crazed plans while travelling backwards and forwards in time. No future vacation will ever be as exciting!


GENRE:  Mid-Grade Reader: Time Travel     ISBN: 978-1-922233-41-7   ASIN: B00G7IMWFA     Word Count: 13, 451

Time Travellers Trilogy, Book 2: Playing With Time

The Stanton kids once again return to their vacation houseboat. When their old enemy, Mr. Powers, creates a vortex which sends him back in time, the children use their time machine to travel back to 1870, where Mr. Powers is a wanted bushranger who tries to hold them prisoner. In a race against time itself, they try to outwit him by destroying the vortex and leaving him stranded–this time with no possible way of escaping back to their time!


ISBN: 978-1-922233-28-8   ASIN: B00NMN33WO     Word Count: 9,860

Time Travellers Trilogy, Book 3: Creating Futures

When the Stanton kids take a trip in the time machine into the year 3010, they meet up with a race of people called the Troikas who are intent on creating perfect human beings. Initially, the children are impressed with their abilities, but, after they realise that the Troikas aren’t what they seem to be, they decide they better return to their time–fast. However, the Troikas have other plans. The children will need to employ every trick they can think of in order to escape. The year 3010 is not at all what they bargained for!


ISBN: 978-1-920741-12-9    ASIN: B00TM6U6IO     Word Count: 10, 404

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