Worlds of the Timestream by Richard J. Sutcliffe

Worlds Of The Timestream

By Richard J. Sutcliffe

Worlds Of The Timestream

From: A Guide For Federation Security Agents

by Patrick O'Toole

Tara, The King's Library, 1941 (rev 2005, 2010, 2012)

The Timestream is a spatio-temporal medium providing access to at least six known versions of planet Earth arranged in hexagonal fashion. Each has different histories and societies, some different geologies, but all have the same physical laws and chronology. Travel from one planet to another is via timestream vehicles developed by scientists of the Federated Earths (Hibernia and Babylon) from specifications transmitted by the Metans in 1791, though a few people may achieve the feat without such assistance. At critical historical points (nexi) on one of the planets, some crucial decision(s) results in two earths, with the same prior history, but differing subsequent ones. Major events on neighbouring planets in the timestream affect each other strongly, but not necessarily symmetrically.


1 All but those of Water World also call their planet "Earth".

2 Tirdia: introduced by patriotic Hibernians who objected to "Prime".

3 Constitutionally, Hibernia or Ortho earth is "Greater Ireland".

4 The continents of Tirdia, Hibernia, Para, and Desert are similar.

* member of the Federation of Worlds


Tirdia (called Terra by its peoples, and Prime by Metans) is thought by scholars to be the original planet Earth from which others subsequently divided. It has more people than the others combined. The names Prime and Tirdia (God's world) are both due to it being the location of Christ's crucifixion. Since 1912, Tirdia has been the locus of major events affecting its timestream neighbours of Water World and Ortho (e.g., The Three Worlds' War of 1939-1945 was centred there.)

Capitals: London and New York are leading financial centres.

Currency: Many, though the American dollar is commonly accepted.

Language: Numerous, though English is widely spoken.

Government: Various forms, many nominally democratic.

Population: 6.1 billion.

Hibernia (Greater Ireland, or, per scholars, Ortho) divided from Tirdia in the long nexus, beginning at the crucifixion, and concluding with the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. From that latter point, Hibernia's Ireland became a stable kingdom, eventually making herself mistress of the entire planet, and, using Metan technology after 1791 becoming the administrative centre of her Federation with partner Para.

Capital: Tara.

Currency: Shamrock (modern), Crown (pre-19th century).

Language: Gaelic (Orthogaelic).

Government: Constitutional Monarchy.

Population: 300 million.

Motto: H.E.I.O.U. (Hiberniae est imperare orbi universo, i.e., Hibernia is ruler over the whole world.)

Meta (Builder's World) divided from Tirdia in the first nexus shortly after Adam and Eve were driven from the garden. Has one continental land mass, mostly agricultural excepting one small city. Meta manages the worlds of the timestream to prevent the Enemy (Satan) from having free rein.

Capital: Builder's City ("The City").

Currency: Credit. (electronic only; uses no cash).

Language: Metan.

Government: A council of elders chaired by the Builder.

Population: 28 million.

Babylon (also called Para or The Corporation) Formed in a nexus from Desert when Belshazzar repented. Babylon is the scientific and technological centre of the two-planet Federation (with Hibernia), both of which had their industrial revolutions well before Tirdia. The economy is controlled by large corporations whose CEOs form the planetary government.

Capital: Babylon for planetary matters; Hibernia's Tara for Federation business.

Currency: Terebinth.

Languages: Persian and Gaelic.

Government: A board of directors.

Population: 280 million.

Desert (so-called because of the vast radioactive wastelands covering Europe, Africa, and the Middle East) Originated in a nexus with Water World a few decades after Noah's flood. Early scientific and technological advances led to nuclear war, and today the planet is thinly populated by nomadic tribes only in the continents elsewhere called the Americas and Asia.

Capital: Desert has no cities and few permanent towns.

Currency: Precious metal coinage and barter.

Language: Numerous; both continents have a trade language.

Government: elected warrior chieftains.

Population: (Est.) ten million.

Water World (or, Ocean) has no continents, just numerous scattered islands. It was formed in a nexus from Meta at the time of Noah's flood, and took its present form in a later nexus that divided it from what became Desert. Its two nations of Pacifica and Atlantica consist of several thousand confederated islands, each supporting one or more merchant/warships. These and the League of Corsairs (pirates) live in a semi-permanent state of warfare. Events of recent history have been strongly influenced by timestream neighbour Tirdia.

Capitals: No fixed locations.

Currency: Precious metal coinage and barter.

Language: "The tongue" is universally spoken.

Government: Three councils of ship captains.

Population: 90 million.

Editors' Notes:

1. In the initial volumes of The Interregnum the principal events take place on Hibernia (Ortho) with some on Tirdia (Prime), some on Meta and single chapters on Babylon (Para) and Desert. Our history does not touch upon Water World until later volumes.

2. The first Books of The Throne take place entirely on Hibernia, with only passing references to Tirdia and Meta.

3. Even before the nexus of 2000 appeared to confirm the theory, some Metan scholars believed history had seen as many as three prior nexus-like events. They were therefore convinced that up to four additional earths would someday be found in the Timestream.

Worlds of the Timestream: The Interregnum Series 

{Irish Science Fiction/Christian}

Book 1: The Peace 

The Peace is alternate-history Irish-flavoured Christian science fiction. James IV, High King of Ireland and the worlds he rules, is deposed at the height of the Three Worlds' War (1941). Banned from the throne by his corrupt nobles for 60 years, he struggles to survive and maintain the Pax Hibernia despite clan MacCarthy's genocidal high-tech schemes. Characters from our earth struggle with their own religious and political loyalties as they are drawn into Greater Hibernia's intrigues. Remote Edwardstown (Calgary) becomes the stage on which three interwoven tales of romance and tragedy converge, launching reborn lives and new hopes. 

Book 2: The Friends 

In the decades following the deposition of James IV, his descendants and relatives continue the struggle to survive clan MacCarthy's plots. Katherina Rourke loses everything except her close-knit group of friends when first her mother, Iron Kate, then her father Matthew (formerly Donal IV) are murdered. Later her friendships disintegrate, and a subsequent donal uses Sean Reilly to kill Katherina, Jack, and their infant Mara. Or, does he? 

We follow Lady Katherina to and through the battle of Glenmorgan. An intertwined story tells of Sean Reilly (the man she once loved but now hates) and his allies in their quest to depose the corrupt donal. 

A third and later sequence relates the coming to age of Katherina's daughter, as she builds The Friends of the Day, dedicated to restoring Tara's true throne. London, Moody, Tara, and Penal City are the stages on which these stories play out toward the 2000 nexus and the 2001 culmination of the ban on the throne. 

Book 3: The Exile 

This third book in the series tells of Mara's further adventures, climbing the military ranks of Tara on her way to a confrontation with Donal XII, the former Sean Reilly. Meanwhile, Angus and Day McAllister, exiled to our earth in one of Hibernia's many palace coups, have their own scores to settle with Mara's McCarthy enemies and their allies. So do Lady Katherina and her adoptive daughter Sheana. Others also have reason to be present in court when the ban on the throne expires. Their lives intertwine with Mara's and each other as they struggle spiritually while facing well-financed high-tech conspiracies to turn Hibernia and the other earths into ethnically cleansed MacCarthy family dictatorships. This story cycle takes us to Afghanistan, Rome, Glenfinnan, Prison City, and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

Book 4: The General 

The General recounts Tadgh O'Kelly's life from his 1987 graduation as Kilkarney's top cadet to his career as an army forensic investigator. As the years go by, he gradually knits the threads of evidence from numerous kidnappings of women and children into a noose, but finding the guilty neck to tie it around takes all his skill, and not a little help.

A second arc of the story cycle follows Mara Meathe from her arrival at Tara's court. 

The third arc takes place on Tirdia, near the BC Fraser Valley's Chilliwack. Nellie goes to Tirdia to assist Day MacAllister with some court appointed espionage...

Events of The General play out on Hibernia at Tara, Edenderry, Luna City, Toronto, South Africa, India, Afghanistan, Centralia, West China, and Japan of Hibernia as well as in Chilliwack and Aldergrove on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada (Tirdia). 

Book 5: The Nexus 

The Nexus continues Mara's story from the conclusion of the trial over which Tad O'Kelly presided as Senchus in The General, through new foreign assignments, then back to Tara to await the coming nexus and the crisis it will bring to Hibernia's capital. There she battles pirates, gun runners, kidnappers, and a host of plots against the realm.

Elbon the Builder of Meta (John Dominic on Tirdia) returns from a meeting of the Metan elders to Tirdia and the orphanage at Berea, unaware that his daughter Eider has followed him. She encounters Lucas and the two have a narrow brush with two of gangster Al Marcotti's thugs. In the aftermath, Lucas eavedrops on Eider's conversation with her father and hears of their relationship and of the other earths. His loyalties now torn, Lucas leaves that afternoon's creation debate to strike out on his own. But Eider follows, and the two are caught up in both the nexus and Marcotti's ongoing violence.

Maeve Derry sends one of her Centralia cadets out on a training mission, only to have to pull his body from the bottom of a river several hours later. What she learns next necessitates the reappointment of Tad as Senchus, and another sensational hearing at Tara, one punctuated by a shocking and cowardly attack. After Maeve's return to Centralia, she is lured to the St. Charles islands, and there disappears.

We experience the nexus with Lucas, Eider, Catherine, Mara, Margaret, and Maeve, then hear the account of the aftermath at Tara's court the next day, when MacCarthy forces mount an all-out attack, but find themselves under pressure from the Friends at other locations.

Events of The Nexus play out on Hibernia at Tara, Dublin, Afghanistan, India, Berlin, Moscow, Mergui, the St. Charles Islands, and Centralia well as in Chilliwack and Vancouver on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada (Tirdia) and in the Builder's City and home on Meta.

Book 6: The Builder 

The Builder continues Mara's story following the street battle in Tara through her engagement, her disgrace at court, her defection to the MacCarthys, the unravelling of the MacCarthy plot to destroy Tara, and her discovery of the truth about her father's death.

Truth also comes to John Dominic's children, albeit too late, and the new Earth where he relocates is lost in the Timestream. It does not come to Roger Hyland (the Builder of Tara), the CRAE CCC who constructs railways on land, underwater, and in space, but rejects spiritual realities, despite his friends' earnest pleas. From Metan MS, we learn of the initial three Nexi, of the first Builder, and of his age-old nemesis who plots time and again to either rule the earths or destroy them. As this sixth story cycle concludes, the stage is set for the definitive second battle of Glenmorgan, whose outcome will determine who next will sit on Tara's fabled throne.

Coming Soon:

Paladin or Time Out of Heart

The dramatic conclusion of The Interregnum Series AND The Throne Series!! Making it:

Book 7 of the The Interregnum Series AND

Book 4 of the Throne Series

Worlds of the Timestream: The Throne Series


Book 1: Culmanic Parts

Culmanic Parts is a small part of the alternate history story of two long-lived and hard-to-kill men, Samadeya-Qayin and Pelik-Qayin, the alternate continuations of the repentant and unrepentant Cain respectively, always deadly enemies, once Thor and Odin, but in the last millenium duelling over the High Kingship of Ireland. 

The prologue tells the early eleventh century story of Brian Boru's rescue by Cormac Meathe and Catherine Neal at Clontarf, and the subsequent elevation of Cormac and Catherine to the throne. All the King's Horses tells of a fourteenth century horse girl descendent of Catherine--Kate the Culmanic, who likewise becomes High Queen. Mother's Girl tells the early life of fifteenth mystery woman, prodigy, and national heroine Amy Rea, adopted daughter of super-spy Carlan Rea, who renames the Culmanic "Science" and makes it her own, who with nine unlikely friends takes the Royal Academy at Tara by storm, suffers profound betrayals, then joins the Royal Army Naval Corps. Who is she, why is she The Mother's Girl, and why have the Assassin's Guild accepted three contracts on her life?

Book 2: Rea's Blood or Navy Girl

Rea's Blood continues the alternate history enmity of the long-lived two Qayins, and of Amy Rea, adopted daughter of Samadeya-Qayin, the ally of the Almighty. It follows Amy's career from her post-Academy appointment as second officer to the Royal Army Naval Corps frigate Boudicca, her rapid promotion to commodore, then Vice-Admiral, and finally Admiral of the Orange aboard Victory

Her novel tactics and ways of dealing with her shipmates become Royal Navy doctrine. Rea cultivates a band of fellow officers who will follow her "to hell and back" and most of them do so for her last battle against enemy nations Spain and France off Trafalgar Point, where she is shot down by snipers as she resolutely stands in full uniform on Victory's quarterdeck. But who was Amy Rae, what was her great secret, and why does she have so many look-alikes?

Book 3: Tara's Mother

Tara's Mother is the sequel to Culmanic Parts and Rae's Blood, and continues the alternate history enmity of the long-lived Samadeya-Qayin, ally of the Almighty and check against Pelik-Qayin, who is something more than evil twin. 

In Rea's Blood, Amy Rea, Samadeya's adopted daughter, and First Lord of the Admiralty, was shot down aboard her flagship Victory at Trafalgar. But two powerful look-alike women do emerge from the smoke and blood--Amy's flag officer Joane O'Donnell, and the mysterious Amethyst Meathe, who both play a vital part in Thomas Rourke's battle against the French despot at Mount Sainte Jean, near Waterloo. 

Joane takes on prominent military role in now allied new France. But Amethyst still has battles to fight--first with lead enemy nation Spain, then with Ireland's own King Frederick and his would-be replacements back home. She takes over from her mentor as "The Mother"--High Queen of Low Tara, queen maker for several nations, and continues Amy Rea's battle against God's enemies. 

Who are she and Joane, really, and will Amethyst and the band of brothers and sisters she inherited from Amy Rea live to see a new, better, and peaceful Ireland emerge from the ashes of war? What of her own heart, broken before by others' faithlessness and again when Thomas dies following his historic battle? And will she win free of the spectre of treacherous Marnie Caine and the assassins guild?

Coming Soon:

Paladin or Time Out of Heart

The dramatic conclusion of The Interregnum Series AND The Throne Series!! Making it:

Book 7 of the The Interregnum Series AND

Book 4 of the Throne Series

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