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Wild Sorceress Series by Margaret L. Carter and Leslie Roy Carter

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In a world where hostile nations wield magic in combat, twin sorceresses separated at birth and brought up on opposing sides of the war find each other. Together, they face persecution for using wild magic, fight against traitors and assassins, explore family secrets, and discover the hidden origins of magic itself. Above all, to protect their world, they must deal with ancient, powerful dragons that most people don’t even believe exist.


Legacy of Magic 3d coverWild Sorceress Series, Prequel: Legacy of Magic 

Most people in the country of Saphradea admire sorcerers and dream of having magical powers. Not Merina, a young woman who detests magic because she thinks it ruined the life of her mother, a failed sorceress candidate who abandoned her in infancy.

When Merina’s fiance, Trinames, announces he’s decided to go for training as a Healer sorcerer, her personal world turns upside down. Merina is heiress to a tract of rich farmland, and she wants only to manage her own property and bring up a family in peace–a dream she thought Trinames shared. Yet events conspire to force her into a realm of magic and intrigue she never wanted.

When Trinames is kidnapped and she strikes out across the wilderness to rescue him, in company with a wandering trader who turns out to be more than he appears, she runs into a crisis that awakens magical powers she shouldn’t even possess.Read More

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GENRE: Fantasy      ISBN: 978-1-922233-68-4    ASIN: B06Y12YYDT     Word Count: 86, 364

Wild Sorceress 3d coverWild Sorceress Series, Book 1: Wild Sorceress

In a world where warring nations use magic in combat, years ago young sorceress Aetria’s untamed power caused a disaster on the battlefield. Temporarily banished and retrained, she’s returned to the army to redeem herself as head of a company of novice mages. She uncovers a traitorous plot by her own commander, renews her bond with her “imaginary” childhood friend, and meets her long-lost twin sister. While also becoming a trusted friend of the commanding general of the army, Aetria unearths secrets of the true nature of the magic she and her comrades wield.Read More

Word Count: 122, 606


Besieged Adept 3d coverWild Sorceress Series, Book 2: Besieged Adept

While learning to control her wild sorcery, Adept Aetria has defeated a pair of traitors trying to kill her, found a long-lost twin, and uncovered secrets of the source and nature of magic. Now she continues her research while battling the remnants of the Neo-Aggressor rebellion and integrating raw, untrained talent into the Sorcerer Corps. Meanwhile, she discovers deeper secrets of her own family background, along with a surprising new foe and a destiny she never dreamed of. Furthermore, she learns that her “imaginary” dragon friend Rajii actually exists…but so do less friendly dragons. What does their agenda mean for the future of humanity and magic in Aetria’s world?Read More

Word Count: 137, 994

Rogue Magess 3d coverWild Sorceress Series, Book 3: Rogue Magess

Sorceresses Aetria and Coleni discover that both their own births and the history of their world have been manipulated in secret by an ancient, powerful race of dragons. Some, like Aetria’s lifelong friend Rajii, have benevolent intentions toward humanity while others want to restore the people of the Domains to total slavery. All, however, have their own agendas with human beings and mortal magic as pawns.

Emerging from their long-lost mother’s hidden home in the deserted Non-Lands, Aetria and Coleni find themselves targeted by assassins under control of the dragons. While the sisters’ powers continue to grow, so do the magical gifts of Coleni’s baby daughter, but will their magic provide adequate protection?

Meanwhile, still viewed with suspicion for their “wild sorcery”, they can’t convince most of their rivals and allies, including Aetria’s old mentor and the commanding general of the army, that the dragons and the danger they pose are real.Read More

Word Count: 120, 543

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