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2019 Publisher News: 2019 Wrap up from Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Christmas HatHi all!

First I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in Writers Exchange this year, from our talented authors, artists and editors, to the wonderful people who buy our books!


What's New

This has been a huge year for Writers Exchange!  When a business has been around for 19 years you have to update periodically or else the products grow stale and irrelevant. So this year we completed revamping the interior formatting of all our ebooks and many of their covers too!

We also moved the site from our old “x-cart shopping cart” based site to the wonderful world of Word Press.  Thankfully we had a blog up Subscribe to email newsletterhere for the past, ooh, about 8 years<?> and we used that to transfer everything to. And it has been great!

We have had a lot of new email subscribers join us too, so welcome all to the family 🙂

We have also been updating all existing print books and putting a lot of our ebooks that never had print versions into print. I was hoping to say we had completed that this year, ready to start 2020 free to really concentrate on New Releases, which have been less than I would like this year. Unfortunately, December was a much busier life on the home front than I was expecting so I had less days to finish the work than I had thought I would 🙁

However, on the bright side, I still have a few days to go and we are down to a bit less than 30 books in total!

Author Spotlight

This year we had our first interview with a non-WEE author, and next year I hope to do more regular interviews with both WEE authors and others. I still have free short stories to put up here next year as well, so all that “spare time” I will have from no longer being in “update and renew” mode will actually be quite full.


We also added our first two books that are actually available for sale direct from this new WEE site instead of just at Amazon, and do plan to add more early next year (all the books that aren’t exclusive to Amazon and are available from other retailers will be put up on sale here).

The Islands of the Sixteen Gods, Book 1: The Amulet of the Hunter God 3d coverCohesive Story Building 3d coverThis month we also got new covers for Islands of the Sixteen Gods, book 1 by Stephen Symons and Cohesive Story Building by Karen S. Wiesner. I think they look awesome 🙂 The rest of Stephen’s series will be updated soon too!

I think that covers most of the news from Writers Exchange in 2019, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas time and awesome New Year and we’ll talk more in 2020!


Sandy Cummins