Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight (Author Interviews)

A Word with our Authors

    Herb Marlow, Featured Author (2014: October)

    Ian Moore-Morrans, Featured Author (2020: January)

    JennaKay Francis, Featured Author

    Jennifer St. Clair, Featured Author (2014: September)

    John Schembra, Featured Author

    Author Interview: Karen Wiesner, April 2020: Science Fiction Writing

    Karen Wiesner: Our first Featured Author (2014: August)

    Margaret L. Carter, featured author (2019: October)

    Margaret Pearce, Featured Author (2014: November)

    Max Overton, Featured Author (2014: December)

    Wallace F. Brown, Featured Author

    With more to come…

    Non-WEE Authors!

    These interviews are with authors that are not published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing, therefore we may not have read any of their books. An interview is not an endorsement of their book’s quality.  We hope that including these authors may allow you to find other great books not limited to Writers Exchange’s vetting:)

    Connor Whiteley, Featured Author (2019: November)