Ian Moore-Morrans

Ian began his industrial career as an apprentice in a small blacksmithing shop in his hometown of Campbeltown, Scotland in 1947. After joining the Royal Air Force, he became an aircraft engine mechanic. He continued his machine shop experience on return to civilian life after five years in the R.A.F., and has continued in the trade until his retirement in 1997 at age 65, during which he also taught “Machine Shop; Theory and Practical” in evening classes.

Throughout the latter part of his career, he noticed an apparent lessening of quality of graduating machinists, and thought about writing an instruction book to assist beginners in understanding the requirements, and to explain certain procedures. This idea was changed to writing a book for anyone who had a desire to learn about machining metals, but had no idea where to begin, so it is designed with the person in mind who is an absolute newcomer to the trade, and wishes to be able to do machine shop “miracles”, like cutting a thread on a piece of round bar.

Ample illustrations guide the layperson, and the technical language has been changed to easy-to-understand lingo.

All the rules, charts etc. have been simplified, the author putting himself in place of the absolute beginner, spending a lot of time writing this instruction book so that it could be easy to understand.

Further information on other publications by Ian Moore-Morrans can be found at the Moomor Publications blog maintained through WordPress at http://www.ianmooremorrans.com.

Sadly, Ian passed away in 2019, and is survived by his wife, Gayle.

Author of:

Metal Machining Made Easy by Ian Moore-Morrans


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