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Dan Devine is a scientist by day and an aspiring science fiction author by night, though he'll write anything that pops into his head. For a short time he served as editor of Fools Motley Internet Magazine, but he recently decided to shut it down and focus on improving his own writing. He has since had stories appear in several publications including Space Westerns, Residential Aliens, Dark Fire, Afterburn SF, and Flash Tales Magazines. His work has recently appeared in print in the Residential Alien Year One Anthology and the Strange Worlds of Lunacy compilation.

You can find many of Dan's stories available online for free by visiting his website at mysite.verizon.net/dandevinefiction


The Cull Chronicles Book 1: The Next Best Thing to Heroes by Daniel Devine (Science Fiction)
(0 reviews)  
The Earth has been conquered by a technologically superior race called the Grath, and while the rest of humanity toils away their lives in dank factories building equipment for the alien war machine, Jason and a select few are training to help fight their masters' battles directly.

Also Available in Print.

The Cull Chronicles Book 2: The Enemy of My Enemy by Daniel Devine (Science Fiction)
(0 reviews)  
Captain, a title Jason Cull had never really imagined he'd own.

The Freedom's launch may have been a disaster, but Mr. Lucas had still been there to keep the crew focused and tell them all what to do. Well one single botched mission had taken care of that, and now the others had voted to put Jason in charge.

Great. Now all he had to do was literally figure out how to save the world.

Also Available in Print.

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