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A Beth-Hill Novel: The Abby Duncan Series Novella 1: By Any Other Name by Jennifer St. Clair (Fantasy: Vampire) Time Travellers Trilogy Book 2 by Linda Massola (Mid-Grade Reader: Time Travel) Tapestry by Ariana Overton (Time Travel Thriller)
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A Ring Realms Novel: Reality's Plaything Saga Book 5: The Infinity Annihilator by Will Greenway (Fantasy) A Ring Realms Novel: Reality's Plaything Saga Book 4: Savants Ascendant by Will Greenway (Fantasy) The Future In A Nutshell by Chris Williams (Christian Reference)
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Denim Blues Mysteries, Book 1: Retired and on the Rocks by Karen Wiesner (Inspirational Romantic Mystery [Private Investigators]) Denim Blues Mysteries, Book 2: Love is Blind...and It Don't Pay the Bills Either by Karen Wiesner (Inspirational Romantic Mystery [Police Procedural]) Falcon's Bend Series, Book 5: As Patient as Death by Karen Wiesner and Chris Spindler (Mystery)
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Ring Realms Covers
Will Greenway's Ring Realms (Fantasy/Science Fiction)

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Four Series Covers
Commonwealth (SF) | Beth-Hill (Fantasy) | Milward (Fantasy) | Gypsy Road (Romance)

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* Isshuay Series Book 1: Through The Shimmering by Cheryl Scott Norman (Fantasy/Young Adult)

* Angels' Watch Series Book 1: Chimes of Light by J.M. Dubry (Science Fiction)

* The River Series Book 1: Outlaws West by Herb Marlow (Western)

* Nightmare Island Series Book 1: False Awakening by Stella Drexler (Young Adult Paranormal Mystery)

* Blood Bred Series Book 1: Gift Of Blood by JennaKay Francis (Fantasy: Vampire)

* Mary Anne by Daphne Saxby Taylor (Historical: Set in Australia)

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* Siren's Song by Kimberley Grey
* The Feud of Lovelace Court by Margaret Pearce
* Spotlight on Love by Regina Andrews
* Karen Wiesner's next book
* Drive the Pecos by Herb Marlow
* The Throne: Culmanic Parts by Rick Sutcliffe
* Wish Granter by Christine Schulze
* Next Islands of the Sixteen Gods book by Stephen Symons

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* JennaKay Francis' Guardians of Glede Books 4 onwards
* Robert Beers' Tony Mandolin book 2

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