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Hi, I’m Sandy, the proud owner of this business. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you.

Now a bit about our company… Writers Exchange E-Publishing (affectionately known as WEE), is a book publishing company.

The purpose of this site is to let readers get to know us, our books, our authors, and our book characters better. It is also to inform you of our new releases, and anything else we think up:) We will also be opening up content to other authors online, so that our readers have more content!

Romance, Writers Exchange Theme

Expect plenty of romantic memes, quotes, articles and featured books this month:)
Our current theme timetable is:

  • May: Updating print books and getting the Merch store up and running, make sure you check it out!
  • June: Paranormal/ghosts etc
  • July: History
  • August: Fantasy

If you are a writer and would like to contribute an article on any of those themes, please feel free to contact me on the feedback form on the bottom of the page.


May Update


Due to some new developments we won’t be doing May’s Fantasy theme, we will move that to August. Instead, we are updating the interior formatting of our ebooks and print books. Our print books will be changing to 5.25″x8″ OR 6″x9″ and are having added a few more artistic touches to make them prettier internally:)


Two women in BookAholic V-Necked ShirtsWriters Exchange Book Addicts Merch Store


Writers Exchange EPublishing has started a merch store with professional designs specifically for book lovers! We have clothing for men, women, kids and babies, home decor and accessories!

New designs will be coming out regularly, but they will always be about books in some way.

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We now have six designs with more to come:)

Book addicts merch - worn by three kids Book Addicts shirt on lady with child and dog three ladies wearing three Book Addicts Shirts

Featured Books (Newest Releases)


The Cull Chronicles Book 3: The True Threat 3d coverCaptain Jason Cull aboard the resistance movement’s ship Freedom has made his deal with the devil: If Jason can discover a way to defeat their most feared foe, the Bettarian emperor will free the Earth from their mutual enemy, the Grath’s, alien occupation. But this new adversary, the Vex, has proven far stronger than anything they’ve faced before. Jason would be remiss in forgetting that the ship’s first spy mission ended in disaster and tragedy. He wonders if, Freedom–the Earth’s last hope–has simply traded one impossible task for another with their new alliance.

Jason and his crew have lost friends and been driven out of the last place they considered safe. Pitting a ship that’s too battered to go into battle and a team too small to take a difference against a superior enemy would be foolish at best, suicide at worst.

Even if they could start from scratch, the odds aren’t in their favor. But Jason refuses to give up easily. Humanity hasn’t come this far, endured so much, for nothing. One way or another, the mighty Vex fleet can be stopped. All Jason has to do is find one weakness…

Author Page thin vertical line Buy Ebook from Amazon thin vertical line Print coming in a couple of days

GENRE: Science Fiction     ISBN: 978-1-925574-76-0    ASIN: B087QN2N31     Word Count: 89, 377

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Arrow of Time Chronicles, Book 4: Indomitable 3d coverNewlyweds Tori Bertoletti and Raze Salen–the heart and soul of the Human spacefaring liveship the Aero–are separated. Ambassador Raze continues to negotiate formal alliances while Tori and the best scientific minds in the galaxy try to figure out how to stop the organic menace swallowing the universe in darkness. Meanwhile, civil war threatens to erupt between Earthers and Spacers and the leader of the Napoleonic Sinshe has defected. But can he convince his people…including his own sons leading the armada against all other worlds and cultures…that they’ve been indoctrinated and enslaved to lies against their will?

Author Page thin vertical lineBuy Ebook from AmazonRead More

GENRE: Science Fiction    ISBN: 978-1-925574-75-3    ASIN: 91, 196    Word Count: B087J9HZHZ


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Capital Bound Series, Book 1: The Lion's Roar 3d coverTerran, a young genius abandoned to poverty, feels called to something great. He is given that chance when Naomi and Rictor, intergalactic missionaries of the Bound, arrive at his doorstep. They offer a simple choice, to travel the stars with them or stay behind and fend for himself. Terran chooses the stars, believing it is the obvious answer.

When an attempt is made on his life before he leaves the planet, he starts to question his decision.

Naomi, meanwhile, is in contact with the Bound’s enemies, forced to do their bidding while they hold her son captive.

Rictor just wants to keep the ship from falling apart.

As their individual lives begin to unravel, it becomes apparent that all three are tied together, destined to finally put an end to their mutual enemy. Unless the universe collapses first.Read More

GENRE: Science Fiction     ISBN: 978-1-925574-74-6     ASIN: B087D4S5C5     Word Count: 73, 922

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Arrow of Time Chronicles, Book 3: Indelible Kindle coverTori Bertoletti, librarian and planet cataloger, and Raze Salen, mankind’s emissary, aboard the Human spacefaring liveship the Aero have succeeded in creating a Galactic Alliance with other cultures in their universe in order to protect themselves from an adversary who considers itself the supreme race, the Chosen of the Creator. Cultures that at one time would have considered all others antithetical to their own no longer have a choice about facing the indisputable fact that, though they’ve all come from different planets and far-flung sectors of the galaxy, they are genetically one and the same. But can the enemy of my enemy become my friend against the warring Sinshe…as well as an organic process that won’t be stopped until all life to the farthest corners of the universe ceases to exist and only darkness reigns?Read More

GENRE: Science Fiction    ISBN: 978-1-925574-73-9    ASIN: B086HGP6S5    Word Count: 89,959


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Jane Doe Mystery, Book 5: The Ghostly Gum 3d coverBook 5: The Ghostly Gum

Detective Chief Superintendent Jane Doe has a formidable list of cold cases on her desk. This latest one involves an unidentified person, murdered seventeen years earlier.

It is not only a perplexing case, but also an exploratory challenge for all involved as the squad try not only to identify the victim, but sort out suspects who are involved in money laundering, drugs and family feuds.

Jane’s team are challenged to find solid forensic proof to use against the main suspect, so he doesn’t get away with a cold-blooded murder.Read More

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Hyksos Series, Book 2: Conquest, A Novel of Ancient Egypt 3d coverThe Hyksos invade the Delta using the new weapons of bronze and chariots, things of which the Egyptians have no knowledge. They rout the Delta forces, and in the south, the unconquered kings ready their armies to defend their lands. Meanwhile in Avaris, Merybaal, the son of Harrubaal and Kemi, strives to defend his family in a city conquered by the Hyksos.

Elements of the Delta army that refuse to surrender continue the fight for their homeland, and new kings proclaim themselves as the inheritors of the failed kings of Avaris. One of these is Amenre, grandson of Merybaal, but he is forced into hiding as the Hyksos sweep all before them, bringing their terror to the kingdom of the Nile valley. Driven south in disarray, the survivors of the Egyptian army seek leaders who can resist the enemy…Read More

GENRE: Historical     ISBN: 978-1-925574-71-5     ASIN: B08618RZSW     Word Count: 124, 259

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Fudge Shop Mystery Series: Deadly Fudge Divas 3d cover


A taste of trouble is in the air when a group of well-heeled, fudge-loving women descend on Ava Oosterling’s newly acquired and lovingly refurbished bed & breakfast inn for a chocolate lovers’ getaway.

When one of the women turns up dead–and Ava’s grandfather is a prime suspect–Ava plunges into the thick of a murder case stickier than her candy store’s line of Fairy Tale fudge flavors.Read More




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Featured Articles (Last Month)

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