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As of 15 April 2015 Writers Exchange will no longer be producing our books in exe and dnl format. We still have 9 formats and this should not impact customer's ability to read our books on any device. We will be removing them from the site, but if you have bought a book in that format and need a replacement please use our contact form and we can manually send that to you, as the publisher will keep a copy for the next twelve months, for that purpose.

Also, we are doing a major upgrade of the covers of some of our series over coming months and these will be featured in the Carousel at the top of the page instead of being listed in the featured section below, which we try to leave for New Releases.

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Featured Books

Sterling Lakes Series Collection Books 1 - 3 by Regina Andrews (Contemporary Christian Romance)
(0 reviews)  
Contains the first three books in the series:
Book 1: Light of the Heart
Book 2: Angels of the Heart
Book 3: Praise of the Heart
A Ring Realms Novel: Reality's Plaything Saga Series Collection Books 1 - 5 by Will Greenway (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
(0 reviews)  
Contains all 5 books in one volume:
1. Reality's Plaything
2. 'Neath Odin's Eye
3. Eternal's Agenda
4. Savants Ascendant
5. The Infinity Annihilator
Fall of the House of Ramesses, Book 2: Seti by Max Overton (Historical: Ancient Egypt)
(0 reviews)  
Merenptah is dead after only nine years on the throne and his son Seti is king in his place. He rules from the northern city of Men-nefer, while his elder brother Messuwy, convinced the throne is his by right, plots rebellion in the south.

The kingdoms are tipped into bloody civil war, with brother fighting against brother for the throne of a united Egypt. On one side is Messuwy, now crowned as King Amenmesse and his ruthless General Sethi; on the other, young King Seti and his wife Tausret. But other men are weighing up the chances of wresting the throne from both brothers and becoming king in their place. The House of Ramesses crumbles under the onslaught.

Time Travellers Trilogy Collection by Linda Massola (Mid-Grade Reader: Science Fiction)
(0 reviews)  
Contains Books 1 - 3 of the Mid-Grade Science Fiction Time Travel Trilogy
Time Travellers Trilogy Book 3 by Linda Massola (Mid-Grade: Science Fiction)
(0 reviews)  
When the Stanton kids take a trip in the Time Machine into the year 3010, they meet up with the Troikas who are intent on creating perfect human beings. It is then that the children are forced into a race against time. The year 3010 is not all they bargained for.
Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 5: Til Summer Comes Around by Karen Wiesner (Romance: Contemporary)
(0 reviews)  
When Quinn Rutledge and Summer Rosales met on a warm summer night on the shores of beautiful Lake Amethyst, they were both young, all was right in the world, and the only thing on their agenda was romance--one that neither of them wanted to end with the summer and closing of resort town Amethyst's tourist season. Promises and plans were made. Promises were broken...
We are Tam by Patricia Bernard (Mid-Grade Reader: Science Fiction)
(0 reviews)  
Tamarisk Woodward, known as Tam, is an ordinary high school student living an ordinary life - until the day that she is contacted by Tameron, her mirror image in the 25th century. Tameron's father is dying and only Tam and her sceptical brother, Steven, can help.
Milward Chronicles, Book 1: Birthright by Robert Lee Beers (Fantasy)
(1 reviews)  
The barrier between the world of men and the world of shadow is beginning to thin. In the tiny village of Beri, twin brother and sister are bout to be thrust into the ongoing war between magik and sorcery. The freedom of creation depends on their being able to survive.


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