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Writers Exchange has been publishing and selling books since 2000, but just recently (2017) we decided to sell ALMOST all our books exclusively from Amazon. This means that this site only directs you to Amazon to actually purchase each book. So here is the best place to find all our books easily before being taken off to Amazon to make your purchases :)  

So what is here (and upcoming:) then?

  • "Universe" pages that go into a lot more detail about the various fictional universes some of our authors have created, 
  • author interviews, 
  • free short stories by our authors that are not available at Amazon 
  • and other fun things.

We hope you enjoy!

And if you would prefer to skip this site and go straight to all our books up at Amazon US, then we have them all on a single page (and even sorted into genres for your convenience:)

If you wish to contact us by email (including for submissions), please email:

We have supplied the address as a graphic, as our website keeps getting attacked by bots, so we're sorry but you will have to type it into your email program manually :)

Our books are also sorted by size to make your buying decisions easier (this does not include picture books and mid-grade readers):

Word Count
40,000 words and over
17,500 to 39,999 words
7, 500 to 17,499 words
under 7,500 words
500 words or under