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Marlow, Herb

Intriguing tales ...told Texas-style...are the hallmark of legendary children's author, Herb Marlow. The acclaimed writer, educator, and counselor offers a rich series of historic and adventure novels that are destined to become classics for children of all ages. These timeless treasures spark the imagination and remove the mystery from history as young readers interact with captivating characters and creatures.

Dr. Herb Marlow has been featured on TV, radio and in print publications nationwide. He is an established authority on childhood issues, a motivational speaker for children and adults, a professional counselor, and a rancher. He and his wife reside on a small working ranch in East Texas.

The Writer
Dr. Marlow has written 23 fiction books for children and young adults. In addition, he has written a trilogy of books on parenting that educate parents on issues theyll face from the time they become parents through the continuum of life, as well as several books for teachers and parents to aid them in dealing with ADD/ADHD and childhood behavioral disorders.

The Educator
Herb Marlow is a captivating speaker and storyteller whose tales engage students and adults alike. Bringing his own real-life stories of challenge and triumph into each speaking engagement, he helps people see their worlds from a higher point of view.

In schools, children love the excitement of meeting a real author, especially a warm grandfatherly cowboy like Herb Marlow. As he speaks before each auditorium full of young faces, he finds that lives are touched and children are motivated by the stories he tells and the lessons he shares.

The Counselor
Dr. Marlow spent a portion of his adult life as a pastor. However, seeing the myriad of heartaches faced by the people he served, he returned to university to obtain his Ph.D. in counseling and to begin a private pastoral counseling practice. He continues to provide counseling today through a unique Internet-based, on-line counseling service.

The Man
Herb has been married to Lynn Marlow, for 43 years. Together, they have successfully raised three children.


Outlaws West by Herb Marlow (Western)
(0 reviews)  
Sending Josh Holt and his friends home to daddy, tied on their horses backward, might seem to some a mean thing to do, but to Marshal Stan Hankins, it was better than sending them home dead.

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The Laughter of God by Herb Marlow (Christian Fiction)
(3 reviews)  
Who is the quiet warehouse worker named Bill Harmony?

Bill is disturbed by the shallow sermons and self-aggrandising showmanship of his pastor, but when he confronts Doctor Littlehope privately, he is brushed off as an ignorant layman. Then an upcoming revival event at his church, run by a TV evangelist who claims he can heal and raise people from the dead, also raises some red flags.

Sure that this is not a real move of God, Bill and two friends set about exposing the scam.

Also Available in print.

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The River Series, Book 1: Trouble on the Bosque by Herb Marlow (Historical: Western)
(2 reviews)  
After surviving the war, Earl is shattered to learn his parents didn't, and now the responsibility of their ranch and their cowboys has fallen to him.

Rustlers, conmen, false imprisonment and Comanche raids are challenges that must be overcome if he is to bring the L Bar Ranch back to life, and maybe, just maybe there is a new life waiting for him on the Bosque.

Also Available in Print.

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The River Series, Book 2: Drive the Pecos by Herb Marlow (Historical: Western)
(0 reviews)  
It is June 1866, and Texas is struggling to recover from the effects of the War Between the States. Cattle are not worth much in Texas, but other places are clamoring for beef, and the Goodnight-Loving trail is opened that summer to sell cattle to the U.S. government to feed reservation Indians. Earl decides to add two hundred head of cattle to Charles Goodnight's first drive to the Pecos River.

But trouble is brewing in Texas, and Meridian and Bosque County will not be left out. The L Bar family must fight rustlers, bushwhackers and carpetbaggers to hold onto and maintain the ranch. It appears that things have settled down, however, a ruthless banker and some bushwhackers kidnap Elmer, the women and children, thinking they have put the other three men out of commission.

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The River Series, Book 3: Red River Rising by Herb Marlow (Historical: Western)
(0 reviews)  
Earl Lamar, former Confederate soldier and Bosque County, Texas rancher, has made two successful cattle drives, selling cattle to keep the L Bar and all of its people taken care of. Now it is 1867, and Earl knows if he can take his herd safely across the Red River and Indian Territory, he can bring back enough money to last for a long time. But the trail to Kansas is filled with danger. There are all of the rivers to cross, Indians to avoid or fight, bad weather and worse cattle thieves. Earl has his work cut out for him...

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Winchester Battles Series, Book 1: Winchester Doctor (Historical: American Civil War)
(0 reviews)  
Jonas Slaton, M.D. is a local Winchester, VA doctor when the Civil War begins. Because of its proximity to Washington D.C., and its many productive farms, the Shenandoah Valley is of vital importance to both North and South, and it will be fought over many times during the conflict.

The story opens in May 1862. At that time the Union Army under General Banks is occupying Winchester, but Stonewall Jackson's Valley Army is still intact, and expected to attempt to retake the town...

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