Guardians of Glede Box Set

Guardians of Glede Series by JennaKay Francis

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When the balance of power is threatened in the land of Glede, the powerful Triskelion calls for its master.

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The Triskelion 3d coverBeginnings Book 1: The Triskelion

The Triskelion, a powerful magical amulet, once torn into two parts to protect the world of Glede, now must be found and re-united to save Glede. Two boys are summoned by the magic of the Triskelion to perform this dangerous task -Treyas Beckering, a 14 year old elf from Bailiwycke in the west; and 13 year old Jannson van Tannen, the newly orphaned King of Odora Dava to the east.  Both will endure more than they ever thought possible, and both will become men in the process. Read More

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GENRE: Fantasy/Young Adult     Word count: 98, 875

The Dark Prince 3d coverBeginnings Book 2: Dark Prince

Prince Rugan Merripen, once thought to be the rightful master of the Triskelion’s magic, was cast aside by the medallion itself when it chose his half-brother Treyas Beckering as master. Now Rugan is on a quest to regain the magic and power he thinks is rightfully his. Befriended and manipulated by Vaalde, an evil sorcerer who has only his own goals in mind, Rugan attempts to drain Glede of elfin magic. Once gone, only sorcery magic will remain and Vaalde can then rule the world. It is up to King Jansson and Treyas to stop him and restore the balance of magic once again. Each boy will face what seem to be insurmountable odds, and both will discover that friends are there to depend on in times of travail. And Treyas will move towards a destiny that he never envisioned. Read More

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Word count: 87, 446

The Sorcerer's Pool 3d coverBeginnings Book 3: Sorcerer’s Pool

Firmly embedded into Prince Rugan’s mind, the sorcerer Vaalde once more manipulates Prince Rugan into wresting the Triskelion magic from Treyas Beckering Merripen, now the Crown Prince of Lidgerwood. This time Vaalde spirits King Jansson van Tannen and Treyas to Karsaba, a land void of magic and the ability to drain memory. Three days outside of magic and their memories will be wiped clean. Unfortunately for Vaalde, King Kyel Sylvain has hitched a ride. The black elf, renowned for his magical prowess will prove to be a formidable adversary. But will Jansson and Treyas survive the strange power of Karsaba or will they lose everything that makes them who they are?Read More

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Word count: 98, 106

The Dragons of Mere Odain 3d coverBeginnings Book 4: Dragons of Mere Odain

Far away in the land of Mere Odain, a dragon calls out for help to her master–Pepin Merripen, now living as the son of Crown Prince Treyas Merripen and his wife, Cynthe. Pepin must answer, or die. Shocked and terrified, Treyas gathers his closest friends, and goes to Mere Odain. But the country is in turmoil. An ethnic cleansing is going on–any black or brown skinned person must die. Treyas is determined to save his young son’s life even if it means taking on the whole of the Keltin Empire and ending a war 40 years in the making. Read More

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Word count: 83, 144

Dragonmaster 3d coverBeginnings Book 5: DragonMaster

Pepin Merripen learns that the two countries that had promised to protect the dragons, his dragons, have withdrawn their forces. Furious at this betrayal, he goes to Karsaba to take council with Mere Odain’s young Queen. Although his father is willing to let Pepin resolve this situation, he soon finds out that Pepin has disappeared.  Treyas follows his son’s trail, but it ends where magic begins.

Increasingly worried, Treyas attempts to follow the magical trail and ends up in Northern Karsaba. It soon becomes apparent that he has more to deal with than a disgruntled runaway youth. A powerful magiker claiming to be Pepin’s birth mother has summoned him, and she will stop at nothing to see his control over the dragons become her own. With Pepin at her command, and thereby his dragons, she intends to rule not only Karsaba, but any land she chooses. It is up to Treyas and his friends to make sure that doesn’t happen. But will Treyas lose his son to the powerful pull of the dragons? Read More

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Word count: 93, 917

For the Love of Dragons 3d coverBeginnings Book 6: For the Love of Dragons

Pepin Merripen, now a young man of fourteen, has forged a strong bond with the elves. So when Queen El’leigh of Mere Odain informs him that the dragons have disappeared, he is torn between his allegiance and his love for the dragons. Still, he is steadfast in his loyalty to his father, Treyas Merripen, and refuses El’leigh’s request to join her in the search.

Furious, El’leigh sends Pepin’s love, Nila, to the wilds of South Kelta, the last known place of the dragons. As she suspected, Pepin quickly follows before any harm befalls Nila. No sooner have the two young lovers arrived in Kelta, than they are captured by Keltin warriors, who quickly ascertain that they have the DragonMaster in their grasp. And if they can force Pepin to make the dragons do their bidding, they’ll regain their lost advantage in Mere Odain. All they have to do is use Nila as incentive. Read More

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Word count: 108, 239

Guardians of Glede 2 cover spread

Return to the land of Glede for new adventures with the next generation!


Caves of Challenge 3d coverNext Generation Book 1: Caves of Challenge

Their heads filled with stories of adventures spun by their father and uncles, Princes Vantann and Thomlin Merripen decide to have an adventure of their own. Through an old book, they learn of the Caves of Challenge. If they can survive the challenges within the caves, they will emerge as men.

Blackmailed by their young friend, Shuri, the boys agree to take her along. Before the trio has a chance to adequately prepare, however, they are sent to the Caves by haphazard magic. Once there, Shuri and Vantann are captured by War Gnomes, while Thomlin is lost in a dark swamp. His only consolation is that, somehow, he has snagged King Jansson van Tannen on the magic strand.

Jansson is reassuring, telling Thomlin that there will be a rescue party sent out and all they need do is wait. But the rescue party is having trouble of their own, and they find much more than they bargained for in the Caves. The question now becomes, who will be forced to stay in the Caves of Challenge forever. Read More

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Word count: 84, 891

Blood Sacrifice 3d coverNext Generation Book 2: Blood Sacrifice

Tormented with guilt over the happenings in the Caves of Challenge, Prince Vantann Merripen watches over his siblings with a critical, judgmental and sometimes violent scrutiny. Prince Thomlin finally rebels and accidentally sets the course for an even more dangerous adventure than the one he and his brother endured in the Caves.  Swept into a land that demonizes the second-born of twins, forbids magic, and is currently being terrorized by a coven of Nydiri, the twins very survival is threatened.

Any use of magic carries the penalty of death. Contact with the coven means the same, for the Nydiri are actively seeking twins to complete a powerful spell they intend to weave at the height of a mysterious orange moon. And elvin twins are especially prized.Read More

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Word count: 89, 508

The Coven 3d cover Next Generation Book 3: The Coven

Pepin reclaims his title as DragonMaster, not fully understanding the ramifications of such a move. Is his allegiance with the elves, or with Mere Odain? The announcement of his decision couldn’t have come at a worse time – the Crown Prince is to leave the next day on a diplomatic visit to Dalziel.

Once in Dalziel, things rapidly begin to fall apart. Politically, Kyel and Jansson are at each other’s throats, Vantann and Thomlin make friends in the wrong places, and Treyas finds out that his SoulMate and squire, Druce Sinclair, suffers from a horribly painful and incurable disease.

To top it off, Treyas discovers that Dalziel has been overrun with Nydiri with the power of Illusion in their grasp.

When Vantann, Thomlin and others disappear, Treyas must find a way to free the captives and destroy the Nydiri threat once and for all… Read More

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Word count: 73, 603

Fire Stone 3d coverNext Generation Book 4: Fire Stone

Stranded after a river float trip goes horribly wrong, Brann van Tannen and his friends Tavin, Elek and Janna are caught by slave traders. To make matters worse, on board the barge are three trolls, descendants of the tribe that destroyed Mayfaire and killed Brann’s grandfather. Brann will need to rely on all of the strength, wisdom and courage his father instilled in him while their lives are changed beyond wildest imagination. Read More

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Word Count: 91, 930

The Fane Queen 3d coverNext Generation Book 5: The Fane Queen

Attempting to escape the past can have devastating consequences…

Ask Tavin Sylvain, who is trying to forget all about the abuse he suffered at the hands of the trolls six months earlier.

Ask Kitiara, who would like to escape her sordid past in Kartonn, where she was known as the Princess of Pleasure.

Or ask King Jansson van Tannen, who would like nothing better than to keep his family intact and not have to face the possibility of losing one of his own beloved children to fate.

When the past rears its ugly head, all three are thrown into turmoil. Tavin, Brann and Kitiara are lost in Karsaba, without magic, without direction, without hope. And in the middle of a troll invasion. In a race against time, King Jansson and King Kyel gather their closest friends and allies to find the children before the trolls find them first. Read More

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Word Count: 94, 943

Battle for Argathia 3d coverNext Generation Book 6: Battle for Argathia

A desperate plea for help, written on a scroll and sent with magic, falls into the wrong hands, and with a few misplace words, Treyas’ young daughter activates the spell, sending her and her friends to a world controlled by the Albino.

The Albino, not content with being dictator of only one world, now has a hostage–and one of royal pedigree–with which to extend his empire. It is up to Treyas and his companions to stop the Albino and free the world he has claimed as his own. Read More

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Word Count: 87, 405


Return to the land of Glede during a time when the Nydiri intend to destroy not only Treyas but the whole of the elven empire.

Dukker's Revenge 3d coverReckonings Book 1: Dukker’s Revenge

Elek is missing and Dukker has returned. The Nydiri will not stop until not only Treyas is destroyed but the whole of the elven empire. When the palace is infiltrated, chaos ensues. Floy, the son of a visiting dignitary, becomes an unwitting pawn in Dukker’s plans. Through him, Dukker captures three of the royal youth.

Treyas and his companions set out to rescue the young people, but their TravelSpell is severely compromised, sending them in different directions. They will all need to rely on new friends, and a powerful, mysterious dagger, to set things right and defeat the Nydiri.Read More

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Word Count: 117, 677

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