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Now a bit about our company… Writers Exchange E-Publishing (affectionately known as WEE), is an ebook and print book publishing company.

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Our first author interview for 2021, we hope you enjoy reading about this Romance and Cozy Mystery author…

Author Interview: Christine DeSmet (January 2021)

See the rest of our author interview in our Featured Author section!

Featured Books (Newest Releases)


Hyksos Series, Book 7: Sons of Tao 3d coverBook 7: Sons of Tao

War breaks out between the Hyksos invaders and native Egyptians determined to rid themselves of their presence. King Seqenenre Tao launches an attack on King Apophis but the Hyksos strike back savagely. It is only when his sons Kamose and Ahmose carry the war to the Hyksos that the Egyptians really start to hope they can succeed.

Kamose battles fiercely, but only when his younger brother Ahmose assumes the throne is there real success. Faced with an ignominious defeat, a Hyksos general overthrows Apophis and becomes king, but then he faces a resurgent Egyptian king determined to rid his land of the Hyksos invader…Read More

Ebook and Print (soon) versions available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Historical: Ancient Egypt    ISBN ebook: 978-1-922548-02-3    ASIN ebook: B08Z8LN97Y   Word Count: 132, 996

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Loyals Series, Book 1: Eternal Trees by Francis Evlin 3d coverBook 1: Eternal Trees

Chaff, a stable boy in the employ of Lord Yoad, receives Awareness magic–the ability to manipulate Life Force particles–on his sixteenth birthday.

He flees Yoad Hall and travels to the Crown to see the Eternal Trees and Prand’s First Loyal who provides the connection to the Eternal One. King Neel, First Loyal, astonishes Chaff by revealing that he is a Second Loyal.

The Non–the antithesis of the Eternal One–manipulates Lord Yoad’s men into felling an Eternal Tree. Angered by Man’s act of destruction, the Eternal One will not assist his First Loyal until He is appeased…Read More

Ebook and Print versions available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Fantasy    ISBN: 978-1-922548-10-8    ASIN: B094XJDBSW     Word Count: 101, 507


Shadows of Mallachrom, Book 2: That Synching Feeling 3d coverBook 2: That Synching Feeling

Rover Pilot Nureen Keala, Rhianni Day’s best friend, is on patrol on the other side of the galaxy from Mallachrom. She would rather be supporting Rhianni’s mission, but the bureaucrats aren’t cooperating. Responding to a distress call puts Nureen in the wrong place at the wrong time. She falls through a vortex into another universe that has never heard of the Rovers or the war against the Talroqi.

On a space station belonging to the Trefarian Empire, Tedrin Creed has been waiting for the vortex to open again. Five years ago, Talroqi ships attacked his ship. After sending his crew away to safety, he defeated the Talroqi before the vortex sucked down his ship. He has been lying to the Empire’s people ever since, waiting for the vortex to open, so he can go home. When a ship and a pilot claiming to be a Rover fall through, his chance has finally come.

Problem: This ship is like no Rover ship he has ever seen, and the pilot doesn’t like him, or believe he is who he says he is. Nureen has every reason to distrust this man who claims to be Tedrin Creed. She knows all about him. He was her grandfather’s best friend, and died a hero fifty years ago.

Time is the problem, in several ways. The vortex and the way home will only be open for a short period of time. Can they learn to trust each other and escape the dangers of the Empire before time runs out?Read More

Ebook and Print versions available exclusively from Amazon:

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GENRE: Science Fiction (strong romantic theme)     ISBN: 978-1-922548-06-1     ASIN: B093FYMWTC     Word Count: 28, 628


Men and women who have sacrificed their personal identities to live in the shadows and uphold justice for all–no matter the cost.

Incognito Series, Book 8: Hard to Handle 3d cover
Available in ebook and print

Loyal operative Dez Luttino has graduated from the recruits of the Network, top of his classes and single-mindedly driven to succeed in his duty to his country. What he hadn’t counted on was mentoring his first operative—Nova Granger, once a head-strong, albeit gorgeous, hunting machine who didn’t seem to want to follow any rules except her own. As her team leader years ago, Dez had helped Nova tame her reckless nature and develop a team player attitude. She’s become one of the organization’s most valuable operatives.

Little does Nova know that sexy Dez has been instructed to prepare her for an undercover mission that involves felling a ruthless criminal. While Dez has been instructed by his superiors to get close to Nova and encourage her to trust him implicitly, he soon realizes that he’s gone beyond duty and done the unthinkable by falling in love.Read More

Ebook and Print versions available exclusively from Amazon:

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GENRE: Romance: Contemporary Intrigue/Espionage   ISBN: 978-1-922548-07-8     ASIN: B093FTHQNZ     Word Count:  62, 071


Mischief in Moonstone Series, Novella 5: A Moonstone Wedding 3d coverMischief in Moonstone Series, Novella 5: A Moonstone Wedding

When grocery store owner Margie Mueller’s fiancé–chef Tony Farina–sends her a “fertility rug” to stand on at their wedding, she panics. Margie’s no spring chicken and she’s not about to hatch a big brood for the Farinas. Before she can call off the wedding, the Farina clan invades Moonstone for partying and interference in the wedding preparations. But Margie doesn’t mind–behind the scenes she’s got a murder to solve. A dead man has shown up wrapped in the fertility rug. And it looks like her fiancé may know more about it than he’s letting on. Read More

Ebook and Print (soon) versions available exclusively from Amazon:

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Heroes of the Horde Series, Book 4: Divided by Jennifer Hartz 3d coverHeroes of the Horde Series, Book 4: Divided

With friend against friend, sibling against sibling, the Heroes of the Horde are divided. One side feels certain the other is under the influence of the demon Horde while the other fears having their superpowers stolen. Old grudges ignite while even older enemies are called upon for aid. In the darkest of moments, new love blossoms. But what can survive a civil war between the Heroes?

Discovering that the leader of the demon Horde survived eradication is the final straw. While the Horde leader has the power to bring all the demons back, his greatest power is in manipulating the divisions separating the Heroes. The only way to bring down the evil is to give their powers willingly over to one member of the team. But, with the group split seemingly beyond repair, joining their superpowers for one last epic clash may prove impossible.Read More

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Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy (Superhero)    ISBN ebook: 978-1-922548-04-7    ASIN ebook: B08ZGCP5MH   Word Count: 76, 064

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More recent releases below this slideshow of some of our books with their blurbs…


Hyksos Series, Book 6: Between the Wars 3d coverHyksos Series, Book 6: Between the Wars by Max Overton

Rahotep leads his Egyptian army to victory, and Apophis withdraws the Hyksos army northward. An uneasy peace settles over the Nile valley. Rebellions in the north keep the Hyksos king from striking back at Rahotep, while internal strife between the Hyksos nobility and generals threatens to rip their empire apart.

War is coming to Egypt once more, and the successors of Rahotep start preparing for it, using the very weapons that the Hyksos introduced–bronze weapons and the war chariot. King Ahmose repudiates the peace treaty, and Apophis of the Hyksos prepares to destroy his enemies at last. Bloody warfare returns to Egypt…Read More

Ebook and Print versions available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Historical: Ancient Egypt    ISBN ebook: 978-1-922548-02-3    ASIN ebook: B08Z8LN97Y   Word Count: 132, 996


Shadows of Mallachrom, Book 1: Blue Fire 3d cover
Available in ebook and print

Shadows of Mallachrom Series, Book 1: Blue Fire by Michelle Levigne

Far on the edge of settled space, the colony world Mallachrom is mostly wilderness. Years ago, during an invasion by the alien Talroqi, many adults were killed while most of the children vanished, spirited away to safety by the sentient canines known as Shadows.

Those children came back from the wilderness changed, bound to the planet in ways they can’t, or won’t, explain. Called the Taken, they live on the edges of civilization. The new government on Mallachrom fears them enough to want to exterminate the Shadows and claim the Taken are dangerous–under the corrupt influence of Shadows.

The hive-minded insectoid Talroqi have been at war with Humans for generations. Memories of Mallachrom, the colony world where Rover captain Rhianni Day, was born and the boy who was her best friend, are a burden of guilt on her soul. Far from the battle lines, Mallachrom should have been safe…yet after the Rovers left the colony world, the aliens invaded.

Rhianni is ordered to return to Mallachrom and investigate what really happened in the Talroqi invasion, especially the strange stories about the children who survived–carried away to safety by the sentient canines called Shadows. Rhianni has only good memories of the Shadows. Even more important: Petroc Ash, her childhood friend, is a Taken.

Petroc leads the Taken. His responsibilities to the Taken and their secrets are too great to risk, even for Rhianni. Their childhood bond has grown even stronger, despite her long absence. Loving her will bind her to Mallachrom forever–and could kill her.Read More

Ebook and Print versions available exclusively from Amazon:

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GENRE: Science Fiction (strong romantic theme)     ISBN: 978-1-922548-01-6     ASIN: B08VS9572F     Word Count: 78, 504


Against the Dark Devourer 3d coverAgainst the Dark Devourer, Sequel to From the Dark Places by Margaret L. Carter

All her life, Deborah has known she and her older sister have extraordinary psi powers. When their mother dies suddenly, Deborah learns she’s meant to use her gift against the forces of darkness in some special way. How, she doesn’t have a clue, but she wants no part of this alleged fate. Yet with evil forces stalking her, can she avoid the battle ahead?

All his life, Victor has known he and his twin sister have a unique destiny. Bred to serve inhuman entities from another dimensional plane, he’s instructed to either seduce a strange young woman who poses a grave threat to the cult he belongs to…or destroy her.

Unexpectedly, he finds Deborah not only attractive and intelligent but his equal in psychic power. Although his cult views religion with contempt–and she’s an unabashed Christian–he’s helplessly drawn to her. For her part, Deborah finds in Victor a kindred spirit. For the first time, someone other than her sister can empathize with her differences from “normal” people. Is prophetic destiny written in stone, even for two potential foes falling in love? A paranormal romance inspired by C. S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength and the cosmic horror of H. P. Lovecraft.
Read More

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GENRE: Paranormal Romance      ISBN: 978-1-922548-00-9     ASIN: B08SJVGDW5     Word Count: 69, 164

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