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Our first author interview for 2021, we hope you enjoy reading about this Romance and Cozy Mystery author…

Author Interview: Christine DeSmet (January 2021)

See the rest of our author interviews in our Featured Author section!

Featured Books (Newest Releases)


The Convertible Couch 2 covers

The Convertible Couch

Beebie had been so proud at being picked for the Saturday football match until his life fell to pieces and he fell to pieces with it. Nothing in his life was important any more except belonging, and where do you belong when your Mum and Dad split?

The convertible couch had become a symbol of never belonging and nothing was going to change for the better.  Beebie at last decided to change himself and take charge of his own life.

Author Page

Ebook and Print versions currently available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Mid-Grade Reader    Word Count: 13, 495

Shadows of Mallachrom, Book 3: Starblue 3d coverShadows of Mallachrom Series, Book 3: Starblue

Starblue Ash, daughter of Rhianni Day and Petroc Ash, is well aware of the burden of her heritage. She has sworn never to join the Rovers or leave Mallachrom. Blue learns the hard way that swearing never to do something just challenges the universe to work against her.

Her two closest friends are the twins, Neona and Keegan Creed, children of Nureen Keala and Tedrin Creed. The three have shared a psionic bond since childhood. The twins are Rover pilots. Commander General Day of the Rovers is determined to make Blue a Rover, because she is the last of their family line. If he has to use her friends against her, he will.

Fate intervenes when a team of Rovers discovers a world inhabited by creatures uncannily similar to the Shadows of Mallachrom. The Creed twins’ duty takes them to this world, to investigate. Neona is entranced by the creatures, called Shades. When the Shades make mental captives of Neona and other Rovers, the bond between the twins is stretched to the point of breaking. Blue’s bond with the twins might be the only hope they have of freeing the prisoners.Read More

Ebook and Print versions currently available exclusively from Amazon:

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GENRE: Science Fiction (strong romantic theme)     Word Count: 102, 208

Loyals Series, Book 3: Snowfields 3d cover

Loyals Series, Book 3: Firehills

Keeper of Prand’s Eternal Trees and a Loyal who provides the connection to the Eternal One, Chaff and his companions set sail for Fala only to find the uncharted island inhabited by two warring tribes. Braeth, one of the tribesmen, is an exile from Prand. His chief desire is to prevent his twelve-year-old grandson Vachel from becoming a warrior.

When Vachel captures a young member of the rival tribe, Braeth fears it will encourage the boy’s warrior ambitions. While the Loyals use their magic to discover the source of the snowy island’s wicked conflicts, Braeth struggles with his own identity, hoping the truth will save Vachel.

But the Non–the antithesis of the Eternal One–will do everything in his evil power to prevent the success of either plan… Read More

Ebook and Print versions currently available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Fantasy     Word Count: 120, 725


Sealed in Blood 2 covers

Sealed in Blood

Science fiction conventions attract some strange people, but Sherri Hudson never expected to spend a con weekend helping a sexy man in a cape steal photos of a winged alien. When the photographer is murdered and Nigel Jamison reveals to Sherri that the “alien” is actually his sister, the situation gets intriguingly complicated.

Unwillingly swept up in Nigel’s quest to rescue his sister, Sherri can’t help being fascinated with him. By the time she finds out he’s a vampire, the fascination has become mutual–and too strong to resist. Read More

Ebook and Print versions currently available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Fantasy Romance      Word Count: 72, 681

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Stories from the Vale: Gifts of the Elven 3d coverStories from the Vale: Gifts of the Elven

The Vale is home of The Gifted, those born with magical talent that manifests in unpredictable ways that many look upon with suspicion and fear. Even as the Vale’s king works hard to teach citizens truth and tolerance concerning the gift of magic, the process is slow and politically risky. Many of the Gifted have no choice but to seek shelter in the stronghold city of Safehold. But is safety possible even there?

Sixteen-year-old Arlin is a nobleman’s son, grandson of the king of Vale. Handsome and spoiled, he was born to warrior parents with older siblings who outshine him in every capacity. Misunderstood, his sullen attitude alienates his family. With the sudden appearance of wings on his back–a very rare and visible magical Gift–Arlin has no choice but to, literally, take flight to protect himself and his grandfather’s reputation as an impartial judge of Gifted rights.

Fiella was adopted as an apprentice to the local bookmaster, where she discovered her passion for books and talent for sales. Her parents were killed when she was only seven–an event she witnessed that led to her desperate regret and longing to help others. While traveling on her first book-circuit as a journeyman, she impulsively offers to help Arlin get to Safehold, a sanctuary for Gifted, not realizing the danger she’ll be placed in by doing so. Not the least of her worries is the secret she’s been carefully hiding: She, too, is Gifted.

Shonwin is heir to the lordship of Kuturan. When he was a child, his father was murdered by his own wife. Living with a mercilessly cruel parent led to Shonwin’s single-minded devotion to Kuturan. When the king heard of the ruthless horrors practiced there, he tore away their income and livelihood, denying them the rights other lords of the land were entitled to. To rebuild his heritage and birthright, Shonwin means to have his revenge. Arlin’s Gift will enable him to not only discredit and disgrace the king but strike at the king’s protection of the Gifted and his own beloved grandson, Arlin.Read More

Ebook and Print versions available currently exclusively from Amazon:

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GENRE: Fantasy      Word Count: 131, 016

More recent releases below this slideshow of some of our books with their blurbs…


Fudge Shop Mystery Series: Undercover Fudge 3d coverFudge Shop Mystery Series, Undercover Fudge

Candy shop owner Ava Oosterling has her hands full when her best friend Pauline Mertens takes a summer job as a wedding coordinator–with the nuptials and reception scheduled in mere days in the back yard of Ava’s Blue Heron.

Then the sheriff informs Ava that a band of thieves storming the country may have targeted this wedding. And that’s because there’s proof Pauline’s mother is associated with the thieves…

When the sheriff asks Ava to go undercover, she finds herself in an emotional quagmire. Pauline’s mother only recently returned to Fishers’ Harbor after years of estrangement from her daughter. And, Coletta Mertens now works as the housekeeper at Ava’s inn. Has Ava’s fudge-and-wine hospitality provided a hideout for a criminal?Read More

Ebook and Print versions currently available exclusively from Amazon:

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GENRE: Cozy Mystery   Word Count: 90, 925

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Bloodmoon Cove Spirits Series, Book 6: Hidden 3d coverBloodmoon Cove Spirits Series, Book 6: Hidden

Sometimes what you don’t know can hurt you…

Following a troubled childhood, Sybilla Nygard marries her much older entrepreneur partner, Tobias Ocampo. They’ve been inseparable since they started Offbeat Enterprises together. Their publishing house produces a book series focused on unusual homes.

After suffering memory loss about his past, Tobias inherits an elaborate, isolated estate at the top of Bloodmoon Mountain in Bloodmoon Cove. The reports and rumors swirling about the house, suggesting death and secrets hide within, make it all the more appealing to Syl as their next Offbeat Homes project. But her biggest motivation is discovering more about Tobias’s beginnings. Although Syl and Tobias don’t relish spending winter trapped in isolation, they bring along their closest family and friends to keep them company while they search out the mysteries of Howling Halls.

The nightmare Syl has been having as long as she can remember returns. The voice of a ghost urges, Find me, leading her to hidden spaces and the skeletons of a family desperate to escape its demons…all while monstrous things are waking up hungry.Read More

Ebook and Print versions currently available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Paranormal Horror    Word Count: 113, 919


Loyals Series, Book 2: Firehills by Francis Evlin 3d coverLoyals Series, Book 2: Firehills

When his father is killed by an erupting firehill, Kelber vows to put an end to the devastation they cause. The only one with enough power to do this is Orland’s First Loyal, the one who provides a connection to the Eternal One and a possessor of great magic. But the First Loyal has been missing for two years. Despite that Orland and Prand are not on friendly terms, Kelber and his brother Trendarmon cross the dangerous sea to ask advice from Prand’s First Loyal. Second Loyals, Chaff and Haeli, are sent to assist Kelber in his quest.

Kelber, Trendarmon and the Prandian Loyals face fire lizards, glowing avalanches, and vicious spies during their trek. Haehli falls in love with Trendarmon, and Kelber also meets his true love, though the relationships are sure to bring heartache given the rivaling countries they come from.

When Kelber and his companions ascertain how Orland’s First Loyal has been imprisoned, they set out to free him. Surrounded by erupting firehills, the Loyals are forced to fight the Non–the antithesis if the Eternal One–in a tremendous battle between good and evil. Who will triumph?Read More

Ebook and Print versions currently available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Fantasy   Word Count: 96, 863


A Vince Torelli Mystery, Book 4: The List 3d coverA Vince Torelli Mystery, Book 4: The List 

A recently mutilated, naked corpse is found in an early 19th-century tunnel under San Francisco. With no forensic evidence, solving the crime seems impossible.

After San Francisco Homicide Inspector Vince Torelli begins investigating, notes from the killer, addressed to him, start showing up. Vince realizes this murder may be the first of several, leading Vince on a deadly multi-state investigation.Read More

Ebook and Print versions currently available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Murder Mystery (Serial Killer/Police Procedural)    Word Count: 59, 191

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Hyksos Series, Book 7: Sons of Tao 3d coverHyksos Series, Book 7: Sons of Tao

War breaks out between the Hyksos invaders and native Egyptians determined to rid themselves of their presence. King Seqenenre Tao launches an attack on King Apophis but the Hyksos strike back savagely. It is only when his sons Kamose and Ahmose carry the war to the Hyksos that the Egyptians really start to hope they can succeed.

Kamose battles fiercely, but only when his younger brother Ahmose assumes the throne is there real success. Faced with an ignominious defeat, a Hyksos general overthrows Apophis and becomes king, but then he faces a resurgent Egyptian king determined to rid his land of the Hyksos invader…Read More

Ebook and Print versions available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Historical: Ancient Egypt    Word Count: 132, 996

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Loyals Series, Book 1: Eternal Trees by Francis Evlin 3d cover

Loyals Series, Book 1: Eternal Trees

Chaff, a stable boy in the employ of Lord Yoad, receives Awareness magic–the ability to manipulate Life Force particles–on his sixteenth birthday.

He flees Yoad Hall and travels to the Crown to see the Eternal Trees and Prand’s First Loyal who provides the connection to the Eternal One. King Neel, First Loyal, astonishes Chaff by revealing that he is a Second Loyal.

The Non–the antithesis of the Eternal One–manipulates Lord Yoad’s men into felling an Eternal Tree. Angered by Man’s act of destruction, the Eternal One will not assist his First Loyal until He is appeased…Read More

Ebook and Print versions currently available exclusively from Amazon:

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Genre: Fantasy    Word Count: 101, 507


The Rowland Sisters, Book 1: Mr Harding Proposes 3d cover

Rowland Sisters Trilogy, Book 1: Mr Harding Proposes

Mr. Richard Harding is an eligible bachelor who has his heart set on marrying his lifelong friend and neighbor, Miss Georgiana Rowland. However, they have been good friends for so long that, when he finally screws up his courage and proposes to her, Georgie thinks he is merely teasing!

Georgiana has good reason to be so distracted. Her younger sister is about to be launched into society, and most of the work and worry falls on Georgie. Also, despite her mother’s furious command, she has befriended the scandalous Lady Shipton, which brings both blessings and chaos to the Rowland family and to their kind uncle, Sir Henry. Worse for Mr. Harding, Lady Shipton’s charming stepson takes a strong liking to Georgie.

Mr. Harding keeps proposing, again and again, while still trying to support Georgie in her trials. But is it possible for such a good friendship to turn into love?Read More

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