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Sandy 2016Hi, I’m Sandy, the proud owner of this business. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you.

Now a bit about our company… Writers Exchange E-Publishing (affectionately known as WEE), is a book publishing company.

In December 2000 we closed down our massive Writers Resource website (known as Writers Exchange)–which had been featured in a number of books on the writing industry–and became a publishing company, as per the request of many of our writing followers.

We started solely as an ebook publisher, but due to popular demand, eventually started also making our books in print.  We now make both for almost all titles (though the print does come a little later than the ebook release:)

Originally, the purpose of our blog was to let readers get to know us, our authors, and our book characters better. It is also to inform you of our new releases, changes to the company and our books and anything else we think up:) However, as of 2019 we decided to open up our content to include memes and articles/interviews with other authors online, so that our readers have more content!

The planned guest posts will include articles, short stories and promotions of books that weren’t published by WEE, these books have not been read by staff so we can only go off their blurbs and Amazon ratings, but we hope you will like our expanded range of book information!

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About Sandy (and Writers Exchange Itself)

Sandy started out doing a Diploma in Freelance Journalism while pregnant with her first child. While doing this she discovered the online world of writing.

Sandy created a review site and did reviews of hundreds of books and computer programs, she also wrote articles online and in small print magazines in Australia. Including becoming the Christian Parenting Columnist for Suite 101 during the early years of her parenting.

Eventually Sandy started an online writing resource website called “Writers Exchange”, this site had hundreds of helpful links for writers and its own ezine. It was featured in a number of books for writers.

In 2000 Sandy decided she could best help other writers by starting a publishing company that judged books by their merits, rather than the pedigree of the writers and Writers Exchange E-Publishing was born.

Sandy got so busy with this company (and homeschooling her children) that her own writing was put on the backburner and she still doesn’t have time to really get back to it yet, even though all her kids have grown up and most have even left home.

Writers Exchange was started with all the idealism of a writer wanting to help other writers get published and make a fortune with their books. Since Sandy started 10 years before ebooks became mainstream (or 13 years before for Australia), this publishing empire didn’t quite happen:)

Now Sandy is older and wiser and always looking for ways to improve her product, her services, her distribution and her marketing. It also means she is a bit more demanding in what she expects from her new authors.

As much as she would love to publish anyone whose book shows potential, she now realises it is financially irresponsible to accept books she knows will only be good after MANY rounds of editing. She also realises that this is a business and sometimes, she has to make hard decisions. Like insisting those edits to a writer’s baby are non-negotiable, and if you can’t handle making improvements to your masterpiece, than perhaps she isn’t the right publisher for you.

Sandy passionately believes in all the books she accepts, she also believes that every writer needs an editor, someone with fresh eyes and experience to polish the book to a professional standard.

Sandy has upgraded her books’ editing and covers a few times over the years, as she knows everyone gets better at their craft with practice, and what she knew 15 years ago, is nothing on what she knows now:)

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