Mischief in Moonstone Series, Novella 1: When Rudolph was Kidnapped 2 covers

Reviews for Mischief in Moonstone Series, Novella 1: When Rudolph was Kidnapped by Christine DeSmet

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When Rudolf was Kidnapped covers

This story tugs at the heart of many Christmas celebrations, the children. Through a class of bright-eyed children, older generations find new meaning in community celebrations and traditions.

~Di for Love Romances

4 stars

Rating 4 lighthouses

When her pet reindeer, Rudolph, is stolen from the live animal holiday display in her small town, teacher Crystal Hagan has a big problem. Her students fear that Christmas will be canceled. The prime suspect is old man Henri LeBarron, who played Santa long ago before he became a recluse. Crystal marches to his mansion known as the “North Pole” and meets Henri’s son, Peter, who acts even more curmudgeonly and secretive than his father. To her shock, he admits to kidnapping Rudolph and he won’t give him back. Peter LeBarron finds his lonely existence charmed by the first-grade teacher who comes to his door with homemade chocolate pudding cake as a bribe for getting her reindeer back peaceably. This isn’t the type of woman he’s used to in his jet-set world. But is she the type of woman he can trust with the secrets of the “North Pole” and his own past?

Well written, enjoyable story, which kept me guessing almost to the end as to who the real kidnapper was.

~ Lighthouse Literary Reviews