Rosalind Goly

Rosalind Goly is an entrepreneur, as well as the mother of two children and four grandchildren.

Her passion is to teach children how to become productive adults and have confidence in their goals, to teach a way of thinking, and to believe in themselves. In today’s world, parents don’t spend enough time with their children, therefore children are very open to what the world is teaching them, and that’s not always a good thing. So Rosalind has developed the Wob website to teach the kids when the parents don’t have time. By age 4 most children have already learned that the internet is an information tool. They want to go on the Internet and explore, so they need to be exploring things that will prepare them for a healthy upbringing and to have confidence.

That’s why Rosalind created the WOB.

Author of:

Where does Bubblegum Come From? by Rosalind Goly