Marked for life by reading Dracula at the age of twelve, Margaret L. Carter specializes in the literature of fantasy and the supernatural, particularly vampires. She received degrees in English from the College of William and Mary, the University of Hawaii, and the University of California, with her dissertation published as Specter or Delusion? The Supernatural in Gothic Fiction. Her other works include Dracula: The Vampire and the Critics, The Vampire In Literature: A Critical Bibliography, and Different Blood: The Vampire As Alien. She is also the author of a werewolf novel, Shadow Of The Beast, and four vampire novels, Dark Changeling (2000 Eppie Award winner in Horror), Child Of Twilight, Sealed In Blood, and Crimson Dreams, along with a fantasy novel, Wild Sorceress, co-written by her husband Les Carter, and a horror novel, From The Dark Places.

Margaret and Les, a retired Navy Captain, have four sons and several grandchildren. For fans of "Vamp Tales", please do not hesitate to visit her website: The Vampire's Crypt at:

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