Other Retailers

Where you can buy our books!


As of late 2021 we have decided to no longer sell our books exclusively through Amazon, instead, we now sell our books here on the website, (pdf, epub and mobi ebook formats) and also with many other retailers.

Because the list of retailers keeps growing, we only list the top eight retailers on the book pages, but we also include a link to our distributor’s page that automatically updates the new retailers frequently. At the time of writing this (January 2022) books are sold to 12 retailers in addition to here 🙂

You can also find all our books under a single search listing on the following retailer’s websites:

For any of the other retailers, you need to search for the specific book or author, you can’t just search for the publisher.

We hope you enjoy our books (and preferably add reviews of them) from whichever site you decide to buy them from.



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