Refund and Returns and Shipping Policy



As these are electronic files, returns are of course not applicable. 🙂

We do not do refunds. However, if you purchased your ebook directly from this site, and not from one of our retailers, and have any difficulties downloading your books, please let us know and we can manually send you the files until the issue is fixed.

If you find any errors and we agree that they are indeed unintentional on our part, we will happily send you a fixed ebook file as soon as possible. We will not send you a new print book that you purchased from one of our retailers, however, I am sure their refund policy will be able to help you.

Print Books


As we do not sell physical books directly from this website, we do not refund or return print books.

All print books are sold via the retailers linked on our book pages (and more), and you would have to use the retailer’s return/refund policies. We sell print books from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Angus & Robertson, and many other retailers worldwide. 

We do strive to produce the best possible products, so if you purchase a book and find actual errors (not a different view on grammatical issues) please DO let us know via our contact form below, and if we agree that it is an error, we will fix it in our files for future ebooks and print books. 


As we only sell digital books directly from this site, shipping is not applicable. If you bought print books from one of our retailers, please contact the retailer directly for information on shipping, refunds and returns.