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At least one review of every book is listed on their book page, but for those books that have more it just means too much scrolling on the book page, so we are collecting them all here. There will also be a link from the book page to their own review page.

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And if you want to add a review of one of our books just contact us and we’ll happily put it up!


~ A ~

A Cry of Shadows 3d coverPeaceful Pilgrims Series, Book 1: Home 3d coverAngelfire Trilogy, Book 1: Falling Star 3d cover A Ring Realms Novel: Reality's Plaything Saga Book 4: Savants Ascendant 3d coverA Ring Realms Novel: Genemar War Saga Book 1: Child of Ascendants 3d cover

Arrow of Time Chronicles, Book 1: Immutable 3d cover Arrow of Time Chronicles, Book 2: Inevitable 3d cover

~ B ~


~ C ~

Captain Angus, the Lighthouse Ghost 3d cover Cowboy Fever Series books 1 - 5 3d cover 3D Fiction Fundamentals Series, Volume 5: CPR for Dead or Lifeless Fiction 3d cover

~ D ~

Dangerous Waters Trilogy, Book 2: Ghost of a Chance 3d cover


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