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Article: Varieties of Vampires by Margaret L. Carter

The Influence of Gothic Fiction on Paranormal Fiction by Writers Exchange E-Publishing


The Best Historical Fiction Novels of All Time by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

The Use of Humor in Historical Fiction Writing: A Reader’s Delight by Writers Exchange E-Publishing


What is a “cozy” Mystery? By Christine DeSmet

Literary Style Courts Thrillers by Linda Kasten

What are Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Genres? by Sandy Cummins




A Case for Worst Boys By Klara Raškaj

Confessions of a Romance Writer and Reader by Deborah Nolan


How I Became an Author of Erotica by Simone Leigh


Inspirational Romance: An Article for Readers by Regina Andrews



Science Fiction:

An Analysis of Futuristic Technologies in Science Fiction Novels by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Why I Write Science Fiction and Fantasy By Jeffrey G. Roberts



Writing Advice Column:


Advance Your Career by Creating Story Folders by Karen S. Wiesner

Advice for New Authors by Karen S. Wiesner

Arrested Development by Karen S. Wiesner


Avoid a Sagging Middle by Dee Lloyd

Avoid Rejection… An Editor’s Checklist by Dee Lloyd


Blurb Writing Series, Part 1: Judge a Book by its Back Cover Blurb by Karen Wiesner

Blurb Writing Series, Part 2: Crafting Blurbs Overview by Karen Wiesner

Deep, Multi-Faceted Development and Progression of Romantic Relationships By Karen S. Wiesner

How to Choose a Setting: Real or Fiction by Deborah Nolan

How to Start Writing a Book from Scratch By Writers Exchange E-Publishing

How to Write Police Mystery Thrillers: Getting it Right! By John Schembra

The Stuff Series are Made of by Karen Wiesner

Where do we find our heroes? by Deborah Nolan

Writing: Dynamic Beginnings (1 of 2) by Will Greenway

Writing: Dynamic Beginnings (2 of 2) by Will Greenway

World Building, Not Just for Genre Writers by Will Greenway


Writing: Scene business, style, and dialogue by Will Greenway


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