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Our writing articles are divided by Genre (because WEE is focused mostly on our readers) and at the end, we have writing advice articles specifically for writers.

These genre articles are aimed for a reader’s perspective, but will also have great information for writers hoping to write in these specific genres as well. The subjects are in alphabetical order and we are trying to keep about the same number of articles in each section.


Children’s Fiction (Primary School):

Learning Through Stories: Educational Themes in Children’s Books

Christian Fiction:

Exploring the Themes of Redemption in Christian Fiction: A Reader’s Perspective by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Comedy/Humorous Fiction:

The Art of Writing Comedy: Insights from Bestselling Authors



An Analysis of Magic Systems in Fantasy Novels: Unveiling the Enchanting World of Imagination (from a reader’s perspective) by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

The Influence of Gothic Fiction on Paranormal Fiction by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Varieties of Vampires by Margaret L. Carter


The Best Historical Fiction Novels of All Time by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

The Impact of Historical Events on Historical Fiction: A Journey Through Time by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

The Use of Humor in Historical Fiction Writing: A Reader’s Delight by Writers Exchange E-Publishing


Literary Style Courts Thrillers by Linda Kasten

The Mystery of Whodunit: A Deep Dive into the Classic Mystery Structure

What are Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Genres? by Sandy Cummins

What is a “cozy” Mystery? By Christine DeSmet




A Case for Worst Boys By Klara Raškaj

Confessions of a Romance Writer and Reader by Deborah Nolan


How I Became an Author of Erotica by Simone Leigh


Inspirational Romance: An Article for Readers by Regina Andrews


The Power of Chemistry in Romantic Relationships: An Alchemical Connection that Ignites Hearts by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Science Fiction:

An Analysis of Futuristic Technologies in Science Fiction Novels by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

The Evolution of Science Fiction: From Jules Verne to Isaac Asimov by Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Why I Write Science Fiction and Fantasy By Jeffrey G. Roberts



Writing Advice Column:


Advance Your Career by Creating Story Folders by Karen S. Wiesner

Advice for New Authors by Karen S. Wiesner

Arrested Development by Karen S. Wiesner


Avoid a Sagging Middle by Dee Lloyd

Avoid Rejection… An Editor’s Checklist by Dee Lloyd


Blurb Writing Series, Part 1: Judge a Book by its Back Cover Blurb by Karen Wiesner

Blurb Writing Series, Part 2: Crafting Blurbs Overview by Karen Wiesner

Deep, Multi-Faceted Development and Progression of Romantic Relationships By Karen S. Wiesner

How to Choose a Setting: Real or Fiction by Deborah Nolan

How to Start Writing a Book from Scratch By Writers Exchange E-Publishing

How to Write Police Mystery Thrillers: Getting it Right! By John Schembra

The Stuff Series are Made of by Karen Wiesner

Where do we find our heroes? by Deborah Nolan

Writing: Dynamic Beginnings (1 of 2) by Will Greenway

Writing: Dynamic Beginnings (2 of 2) by Will Greenway

World Building, Not Just for Genre Writers by Will Greenway


Writing: Scene business, style, and dialogue by Will Greenway