New Vampire Fantasy ebook from Writers Exchange

Writers Exchange is thrilled to announce our latest novel from Jennifer St. Clair – another instalment of this amazing Beth-Hill Universe!


A Beth-Hill Novel: Wild Hunt Series, Book 4: A Glint of Silver

Author: Jennifer St. Clair

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-925191-73-8

Word Count: 75, 232

Are creatures of the night and all manner of extramundane beings drawn to certain locations in the natural world? In the Midwestern village of Beth-Hill located in southern Ohio, the population is made up of its fair share of common citizens…and much more than its share of supernatural residents.


Jericho Richmond is both a gifted classical guitarist and a vampire. All he wants is to live his life in peace away from the Richmond influence. The household of vampires led by his ruthless, unwavering father Connor makes the rules and all within the circle must follow or suffer the consequences. When Jericho escapes, he doesn’t get far before his father finds him, punishes him, and leaves him to die. Tristan Richmond wants to be just like Connor, and, when Jericho disappears, he’s determined to be the one to bring him back where others have failed. But Tristan isn’t like Connor, despite his earlier, short-sighted goals. He can’t see Jericho suffer for simply wanting to lead a normal life.

Alexander Ross, reputedly the oldest vampire in the world and an accomplished luthier making and repairing musical instruments, finds Jericho. Instead of returning him to the family, he takes in Jericho–and then Tristan–in order to teach both young men a different way of living. Jericho begins to hope a normal life is possible, outside his father’s influence, but the illusion is temporary. When they’re betrayed, their hideout discovered by Connor, Tristan is given to vampire hunters who kill first and ask questions later. Even when he impossibly escapes, Jericho has fallen into the hands of the Richmond Household, and Tristan knows that as long as Connor lives, he’ll never be safe or free. As long as Connor lives

PRICE: $3.99



RELEASE DATE:  24 December 2018