Easter Fires by JP Rakov

Easter Fires

Author: JP Rakov

ISBN: 1920972234 (978-1-920972-23-3)

GENRE: Young Adult/Christian

Word Count: 29, 323

Kat Dueschner is determined to be the opposite of her heavenly-minded mother. She wants to be an adventurer rather than a nurturing mom and, as a result, Kat frequently gets into mischief. Joining her companion, Juan, on a night-time adventure to build an Easter fire in the hills, Kat is bit by a rattlesnake. Although her mother is leery of entering the forest, she rescues her daughter only to befall her own tragedy. The situation makes such an impression on Kat and Juan that their perspectives and ambitions change overnight–almost in opposite directions.

PRICE: $2.99