New Inspirational Romance from Writers Exchange

Writers Exchange is thrilled to announce our latest release, our first book from Kristin Rodgers. Looking forward to her next book with us!

Love and War

Author: Kristin Rodgers

Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance

ISBN: 978-1-925191-70-7

Word Count: 77, 188

Edie Stephens believes she’s happy with her own fabulous apartment, a good job, friends and family who love her, and a dedicated boyfriend. But hidden beneath the facade of a perfect life is a smothered past filled with lost love, regret, and shameful secrets she ran away from but can never truly escape.

Edie’s carefully ordered world is thrown into upheaval when she unexpectedly runs into the unvanquished ghost from her past. After years of burying all the things she has yet to deal with, she had no choice but to face an unrequited love that left her life too abruptly. Pain she tried to put away and forget flares into open agony. If she ever wants to heal, she needs to revisit the girl she once was–the tender-hearted innocent just coming of age who’d fallen in love in a tough situation without justice. Forced to reconcile the unanswered questions from long ago, Edie wrestles with the timeless dilemma: If love is worth fighting for, is it also worth unrelenting heartache when a happily-ever-after may only be a fairy tale?

PRICE: $3.99