3D Fiction Fundamentals Series Boxed Set

3D Fiction Fundamentals Collection by Karen S. Wiesner

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3D Fiction Fundamentals Series covers the A to Z’s of crafting the highest quality fiction including how to:

  • Brainstorm and work productively to ensure that each stage in the writing process from prewriting to polishing produces masterful results the first time around.
  • Create an outline so complete it actually qualifies as the first draft of your book, allowing your first written draft to be final-draft quality.
  • Develop realistically three-dimensional and cohesive characters, plots, settings, relationships, and scenes so life-like and memorable your readers will be diehard fans.
  • Effectively prepare for a series in advance to prevent painted-in-a-corner scenarios in order to keep fans coming back eagerly for each and every installment.
  • Craft sizzling back cover, series, and high-concept blurbs for describing, promoting, and selling your books.
  • Maximize your potential and momentum for becoming a career author indefinitely.

With step-by-step guidelines, instructions, and tips throughout that are flexible and clearly written, imparting a layman’s ease of understanding and can-do motivation, this collection may be the only writing craft books you’ll ever need. Each volume has a bonus companion booklet available presented in usable digital format or paperback that includes all the aids from the main book that you can use in your own writing–and extras!


First Draft Outline 3d cover coming soonVolume 1: First Draft Outline

Finish an outline so complete it reads like a first draft! Say goodbye to writing and rewriting with no results. Starting–and finishing–your story has never been easier.

First Draft Outline provides you with a sure-fire system to reduce time-intensive rewrites and avoid writing detours. Award-winning author Karen S. Wiesner’s method shows you how to create an outline so detailed and complete that it actually doubles as your first draft. Flexible and customizable, this revolutionary system can be modified to fit any writer’s approach and style. Plus, comprehensive and interactive worksheets make the process seem less like work and more like fun. This invaluable resource also includes:

-Itemized and flexible schedules to keep you focused each and every day
-Detailed worksheets to guide you through the outlining process
-Completed sample worksheets inspired by best-selling books
-Tips for outlining projects already in development
-Brainstorming techniques to keep you motivated
-Goal sheets for getting–and keeping–your career on track


Many aspiring and experienced writers toss out hundreds of pages (and waste valuable time) before they have a workable first draft of a story. You don’t have to fall into this category anymore. With First Draft Outline, you’ll have all the tools you need to write your masterpiece!Read More



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Cohesive Story Building 3d cover

Volume 2: Cohesive Story Building

Without layering, a story is one-dimensional, unbelievable, boring. Layers mean stronger characters, settings, plots, suspense, intrigue, emotions and motivation. Layering also produces cohesion of all elements. Characters must blend naturally with the setting the writer has placed them, just as plot becomes an organic part of character and setting. If a story doesn’t work, it could very well be because the elements aren’t cohesive. Cohesive Story Building shows how each element hinges on the other two and how to mix them until they fuse irrevocably. Additionally, Cohesive Story Building carefully explores each of stage of story development from brainstorming and outlining to drafting and revision. From a thorough look at the fundamentals of writing to comprehensive story building techniques, as well as submission guidelines and etiquette, this must-have guide will see writers through the entire book writing process from start to finish.


Set within the framework of comparing the process of building a house to the process of building a story, Cohesive Story Building gives a solid plan of action from start to finish through in-depth examples and exercises, and leave-no-stone-unturned checklists that will help writers take the plan into their own writing. Features detailed examples from published books to illustrate story-building principles.


Those who have read Karen S. Wiesner’s reference First Draft Outline, which focuses on in-depth outlining and goal-setting, will find Cohesive Story Building a perfect companion to that book.

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Genre: Writing Advice     Word Count: 107, 494

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3D Fiction Fundamentals Series, Volume 3: Writing the Standalone Series 3d cover coming soonVolume 3: Writing the Standalone Series

The definitive guide to crafting a series!


From the Hunger Games Trilogy to the Jack Reacher Series, from Harry Potter to Harry Dresden, there’s no denying that writers–and readers–have caught series fever. But if you’re contemplating writing a series, there are plenty of considerations you’ll need to make first. Writing the Standalone Series is the complete guide to ensuring your series stays hot after the first, fourth, or even fifteenth book.


Inside, you’ll learn how to:

-Write a series that captures the hearts of readers and stands out in a sea of competition.

-Find the focus of your series, develop your idea, and plan ahead.

-Hone in on the two most important aspects of series writing: characters and consistency.

-Utilize a variety of series organization techniques, complete with worksheets and other aids.

-Market your series effectively and increase your sales.


With insights from nearly 100 series authors and publishers, as well as Grow Your Series Muscles exercises, Writing the Standalone Series is the only book you’ll need to write a series that sizzles.Read More



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3D Fiction Fundamentals Series, Volume 4: Writing the Overarching SeriesVolume 4: Writing the Overarching Series (or How I Sent a Clumsy Girl into Outer Space)

Reach for the stars!


The Overarching Series is the most complicated to read and write. In this specialized type of series, none of the installments can truly be standalones. They must be read as a set in sequence to make sense. Reader satisfaction is only partially achieved in each volume because just the story arcs tie up while the series arc only resolves in the final.


Speculative fiction is particularly well-suited to the Overarching Series structure because the genres under this umbrella have enormous requirements when it comes to:


1) World building. Crafting a variety of environments–maybe an entire universe–is required along with how to traverse, populate, and fill it with abundant, three-dimensional life.


2) Character building. Humans need to fit uniquely in the new universe or time period being created. Characters might be from an alien or supernatural culture that the author has to construct distinctively, particularly for popular, done-to-death classifications.


This resource also includes:

-An overview of types of series along with story and series arcs basics and ways to establish them early.

-The lowdown on series standalone story installments versus series arc sequel hook endings or even cliffhanger endings characteristic of an Overarching Series.

-Special techniques to avoid crafting burnout and methods to formulate and utilize established knowns and standard operating procedures.

-Supplemental materials, unique techniques, and developmental tools for building character and world profiles.


If your eyes are fixed on a crafting a series like no other, Writing the Overarching Series will help you reach for the stars.Read More


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Volume 5: Three-Dimensional Fiction Writing 3d cover coming soonVolume 5: Three-Dimensional Fiction Writing

Craft a story so lifelike, you actually feel like you can step into the world beyond the pages!


You know it when you read it: In page after page and scene after scene, a truly engrossing story has qualities that set it apart. Authentic characters, a well-rounded plot, and immersive settings work in harmony to create a three-dimensional experience–one you can practically step inside and explore. But while you can recognize this work when you read it, writing it can be much more challenging. Three-Dimensional Fiction Writing teaches you how to build a solid narrative structure and layer in lush, textured scenes to create a story that feels utterly real. You’ll learn how to:

-Master the three-dimensional aspects of characters, plots, and settings using detailed sketches that define the past, present, and future aspects of each element.

-Develop complex opening, resolution, and bridge scenes that expertly lead readers through your fictional world.

-Construct and analyze an outline for your manuscript, using tools and techniques to analyze scenes that lack dimensionality.

-Brainstorm, research, and draft efficiently and effectively, and juggle multiple projects with ease.


Packed with story-development charts, worksheets, and checklists, Three-Dimensional Fiction Writing shows you how to craft a vivid story world that readers will want to visit time and time again.Read More


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3D Fiction Fundamentals Series, Volume 5: CPR for Dead or Lifeless Fiction 3d cover Volume 6: CPR for Dead or Lifeless Fiction: A Writer’s Guide to Deep and Multifaceted Development and Progression of Characters, Plots, and Relationships

Characters: Do your characters have no obvious signs of life, nothing that gives them unique personality, perspective, and passion?


Plots: Are plots and conflicts created spur of the moment with no set up, build up, curiosity, or tension?


Relationships: Are your characters merely going through the motions with each other?


All of these and more are signs of dead or lifeless stories. The three core elements of story–Characters, Plots, and Relationships (CPR)–need to be developed three dimensionally. To truly be living, characters aren’t simply existing and going through the motions. They possess fully developed external and internal conflicts. They’re interacting in dynamic, realistic, and believable relationships. They have multidimensional character attributes that give them both vitality and voice. Finally, they’re engaged in what makes life worthwhile with definable goals and motivations.


This resource teaches writers how to identify dead or lifeless characters, plots, and relationships; establish proper setup; plant the seeds early with in-depth sketches; and pinpoint weak areas in CPR development.


The only one-stop, everything-you-need-to-know 9-1-1 for deep, multifaceted Character, Plot, and Relationship development!

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Writing Blurbs that Sizzle--and Sell 3d coverVolume 7: Writing Blurbs That Sizzle–And Sell!

Make your book fly off the shelves!


Every author knows what a back cover blurb is, but crafting an effectively good one is no easy task. Many writers outright dislike writing them or dread the process because so much is at stake if the blurb fails to engage. A sizzling back cover blurb needs to convince readers they absolutely have to read the story inside the pages…or they’ll set the book down without ever opening it. Additionally, a powerful series blurb can sell not just one book but all of them in that set! High-concept blurbs are necessary in every author’s marketing to provide intriguing “sound bites” that sell books and series’. Writing Blurbs That Sizzle–And Sell! is the definitive guide on how to craft back cover, series, and high-concept blurbs.

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