Dave Laing

Dave Laing was born into a farming family in Scotland. After ten years of boarding school in the highlands, he moved to London to begin his career in the transport industry. His first job was with a shipping company in the city. In his spare time, he joined the Territorial Army and London Scottish Rugby Club. He enjoyed his five years in London, but finally decided to see the world. He immigrated to Australia in 1969, via ship.

After six months in a dreary office job, he got itchy feet & packed his rucksack and spent 9 weeks hitch hiking New Zealand, then drove around Australia for another 6 months with a friend. Finally, he settled in Melbourne, and worked for 32 years in the Air Cargo Industry, in the city & Melbourne Airport Tarmac. He met Wendy across the tarmac during her first day at the airport.

Unfortunately, Dave Laing is now deceased.

Author of:

Tarmac Tales by Wendy and Dave Laing