The Dragons' Veil Boxed set

The Dragons’ Veil Series by Sherri Godsey

The Dragons' Veil Boxed set


When once the Dragons’ Veil is breached, the magic is doomed to fade away. The self-indulgence of one princess changes the course of existence for two very different worlds.

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The Dragons' Veil 3d cover Book 1: The Dragons’ Veil

To find a husband who won’t stifle her need for freedom, Princess Shaila violates the law by convincing her loquacious Dragon, Galvistor, to carry her through the Veil on her husband-quest search.

Outside the Veil, Captain Breedyn Sol is a compelling commander who dreams of peace in spite of constant war. Despising beautiful, scheming women even more than fighting, his life is untarnished by love. While his existence is sterile, he insists he prefers the stability of loneliness.

From the moment the self-centered princess and the noble soldier meet, they clash as much as their disparate worlds do. Is it possible for their opposition to lead to what they most desire? Read More

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GENRE: Fantasy     ISBN: 9781921314872     ASIN: B00403N2W6     Word Count: 132, 711

The Dragon's Vision 3d coverBook 2: The Dragons’ Vision

When Princess Shaila flew her dragon through the magic barrier on her husband-quest, she disturbed the delicate balance that kept the sanctuary safe. After a thousand years protecting peaceful, bountiful Isoladia, the Veil is fading…and the drought and war that plagues the outside world threatens to spread to the island.

Princess Shaila’s self-indulgence has weakened the Veil, but that mistake won’t be her last. She’d wanted handsome Armon Duel, a lordly soldier unlikely to object to a wife of unruly nature, to become her husband. An unfortunate blunder on the part of her dragon instead lands her with Captain Breedyn Sol, a domineering hulk who’s everything Shaila intended to avoid!

Breedyn Sol is horrified at what’s been done to him against his will. Not only did he nearly suffocate inside the dragon’s heaving gullet, but he’s been separated from all that’s important to him–his duty and his men. He’s as determined to leave as Shaila is to send him back. Unfortunately for both of them, there is no turning back… Read More

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ASIN: B00427YM7E    ISBN: 9781921636172    Word Count: 206, 807

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