Future Magic Series Boxed Set

Future Magic Series by Michelle Levigne

Future Magic Series Boxed Set

Isaac Asimov and other speculative fiction writers have postulated that what seems to be mere technology to modern eyes could be viewed as magic to people of other cultures and times … and perhaps worlds?


In this series of novellas, classic and not-so-familiar faerie tales are placed in futuristic settings. The costumes and props might change, but the Human spirit and the quest for true love will never change.


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Seven Swanns 3d coverFuture Magic Novella 1: Seven Swanns

Struck mute by an alien plague that’s killed most of her colony and mutated her seven brothers into swanns, Aileen seeks a cure. She’s found by Regis, ruler of a colony that regressed into a feudal state generations ago. Despite her muteness and their totally different languages and alphabets, they learn to communicate, and Regis makes her his wife. She is happy…until her continued search for a cure puts her in conflict with the colony’s traditions.Read More

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GENRE: Science Fiction    ISBN: 978-1-921636-74-5    ASIN: B0079IUQ9G     Word Count: 22, 938


North to the Sun, South to the Moon 3d coverFuture Magic Novel 2: North to the Sun, South to the Moon

Maia has grown up in the Downbelow, a Borer, born to a life of labor so the arrogant Stocrats can live in luxury in the Above. She’s made friends with a Metalman who taught her things the people in the World have forgotten. But even those marvels pale in comparison to what she discovers when she enters the Virtual world and learns the danger that threatens them all.Read More

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ISBN: 978-1-922066-53-4    ASIN: B00ATPVQ9K    Word Count: 43, 195

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