Glass Trilogy by Max and Ariana Overton

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Delve deep into the mysteries of Aboriginal mythology, present day UFO activity and pure science that surround the continent of Australia, from its barren deserts to the depths of its rainforest and even deeper into its mysterious mountains. Along the way, love, greed, murder, and mystery abound while the secrets of mankind and the ultimate answer to ‘what happens now?’ just might be answered.

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Glass House 3d coverBook 1: Glass House

The mysteries of Australia may just hold the answers mankind has been searching for millennium to find. When Doctor James Hay, a university scientist who studies the paranormal mysteries in Australia, finds an obelisk of carved volcanic rock on sacred Aboriginal land in northern Queensland, he realizes it may hold the answers he’s been seeking. A respected elder of the Aboriginal people instructs James to take up the gauntlet and follow his heart. Along with his old friend and award-winning writer Spencer, Samantha Louis, her cameraman, and two of James’ Aboriginal students, James embarks on a life-changing quest for the truth.Read More

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Max Overton Gold Text  and Ariana Overton

GENRE: Paranormal Thriller     ISBN 978-1-922233-44-8     ASIN: B00GD6NTC6     Word Count: 78, 695

A Glass Darkly 3d coverBook 2: A Glass Darkly

A dead volcano called Glass Mountain in Northern California seems harmless…but is it really?

Andromeda Jones, a physicist, knows her missing sister Samantha is somehow tied up with the new job Andromeda herself has been offered to work with a team in constructing Vox Dei, a machine that’s been ostensibly built to eliminate wars. But what is its true nature, and who’s pulling the strings?

When the experiment spins out of control, dark powers are unleashed and the danger to mankind unfolds relentlessly. Strange, evil shadows are using the Vox Dei and Andromeda’s sister Samantha to get through to our world, knowing the time is near when Earth’s final destiny will be decided.

Federal forces are aware of something amiss, so, to rescue her sibling, Andromeda agrees to go on a dangerous mission and soon finds herself entangled in a web of professional jealousy, political betrayal, and flat-out greed.Read More

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ISBN 978-1-922233-52-3     ASIN: 1922233595     Word Count: 75, 342

Looking Glass 3d coverBook 3: Looking Glass

Samantha and James Hay have been advised that their missing daughter Gaia have been located in ancient Australia. Dr. Xanatuo, an alien scientist who, along with a lost tribe of Neanderthals and other beings working to help mankind, has discovered a way to send them back in time to be reunited with Gaia. Ernie, the old Aboriginal tracker and leader of the Neanderthals, along with friends Ratana and Nathan and characters from the first two books of the trilogy, will accompany them. This team of intrepid adventurers have another mission for the journey, along with aiding the Hayes’ quest, which is paramount to changing a terrible wrong which exists in the present time.Read More

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ISBN: 978-1-922233-56-1     ASIN: B00JAEDOJQ     Word Count: 101, 395

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