Mind’s Eye – The imagery of remembered scenes by Wendy Laing

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A collection of poems encompassing one life filled with images from childhood, family, pets, the Australian countryside around, and delivered with a touch of homespun philosophy.

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GENRE: Anthology: Poetry     ISBN: 978-1-920972-08-0     ASIN: B0041T4FC0

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We wait with wonder for middle age.

No more pressure or youthful rage.

Time comes quickly. Like the flick of a page

we suddenly glance back over an age.

We wonder if any achievement will last.

But our life’s die is already cast.

Vivid memories of friendships that linger.

Adventures in childhood that lasted forever.

Everything moves with a rush to the present.

Why should we sometimes feel such resentment?

Perhaps it’s because of the words left unsaid

to loved ones gone, leaving memories instead.

The more that we ponder on what should have been,

we find with life’s wisdom, not much could we deem

to be different by action or thought in the past.

The future will happen, despite what we ask.

The present is precious, a time to enjoy

all life’s moments, pain, hope and joy.

Our friends and our loved ones in love and strife,

will all take a part in the rest of our life.

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