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5 stars!5 Stars!

“Dee Lloyd is gifted with more than mere writing talent. She can see into people, love them just the same, and put that all together with skilled words. A charming read.”

~ Buzzy for Buzz Review News

5 stars! 5 Angels!

…Mine by Dee Lloyd sure is one of those books where you wish it were a movie because of all the action and suspense in this one story. I mean from the beginning you have the suspense with someone killing George then you have Cadie’s return that brings in more action, not to mention a gorgeous ex-detective Marc Banachek. Here is a man, who becomes a writer from his experience as a detective, and woman, a bookseller, that come together in an unusual way. Dee Lloyd did a remarkable job of throwing in so many loops to bring them together.

I mean the book is great with all the action but to see these two come together it is as Cadie says “combustible”. Recommended for its fun-filled action and suspense that is full of rollercoaster fun with two people not looking for a relationship and about to find out that sometimes you have to take a chance.

~ Lena C. for Fallen Angels Reviews

4 stars 4 Stars!

“From the first sentence in Mine I was drawn into the book by the suspense interwoven so skillfully into this love story. Dee Lloyd brought the characters to life, and I hope to read more of her books in the future.”

~Jewel Dartt for Midnight Scribe Reviews

Ex-cop turned mystery novelist Marcus Banachek has been enjoying the solitude of life in northern Ontario for several months, since the death of his friend and former landlord, George Haywood. He has no plans to vacate the premises, despite the wishes of George’s granddaughter, Arcadie, and his own feelings toward her.

An artist and co-owner of a bookshop, Cadie is recuperating from a near-fatal car accident, as well as grieving for her grandfather. She’s in no mood to deal with Marc, either. A mishap mere moments after her arrival at Nighthawk Lake forces the issue–Marc is virtually incapacitated for a few days, and unwillingly, Cadie briefly becomes nurse, companion and chauffeur.

Packing her grandfather’s possessions, going through his papers, Cadie notices that his books have been disturbed. In spite of a methodical search, she doesn’t discover any reason that anyone might have looked through George’s effects.

A telephone call from her Uncle Jack makes Cadie suspicious, however. He’s trying to persuade her to sell the land on Nighthawk Lake–and she begins to wonder why. Could it have something to do with the value of the claims George staked on the property, prior to his untimely death?

In the hands of a less talented writer, MINE could have been a routine

woman-in-jeopardy book. Ms. Lloyd has constructed a taut, absorbing story, peopled with three-dimensional characters. … She’s definitely a woman to watch. I’ll be looking forward to reading her future work.

~ Catherine Witmer, Just Views

MINE is a delightfully written book that will sweep you away with the danger. Author Dee Lloyd has captured danger and betrayal, mystery and romance and inter-mixed it into a book that will not just keep your attention riveted but your fingers turning the pages.

~ Tracy Eastgate for Tracy’s Book Reviews

Dee Lloyd can always be counted on for fast paced, exciting romantic murder mysteries.  Fast becoming one of my favorite suspense authors, Dee writes strong, intelligent women who challenge the men around them.  Her stories never fail to keep me on the edge of my seat to the very end, which comes far too soon!

~ Sue Waldeck for Road to Romance

“…Sparkles with imagination creatively lending a new twist to the age-old prospector’s tale. Bravo Dee, for the wonderful word play and the joyful celebration of love. This reviewer truly looks forward to many more tales from the pen of this talented author.”

~ Cindy Penn for WordWeaving Reviews

Mine builds in intensity and excitement to a fine, rip-roaring ending. Dee Lloyd offers pulse-pounding excitement leavened by a tender love story.”

~ Christine Janssen for Sharpwriter


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