The Magical Door Series by Aytul Akal

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The Artist's Magical Studio 3d coverBook 1: The Artist’s Magical Studio by Aytul Akal

But what was that?! What was happening in the ceramic artist’s studio?

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Illustrator: Mustafa Delioglu     ISBN:  978-1-920972-46-2


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My Brother's Magical SchoolThe Magical Door Series Book 2: My Brother’s Magical School

If you are wondering what my brother is doing in his class, why don’t you peep inside…

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Illustrator: Mustafa Delioglu     ISBN: 9781921314445


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The Teacher's Magical HatBook 3: The Teacher’s Magical Hat

The new teacher laughed, “Hmm, I understand that you have forgotten the magic of imagination,” she said. “Should we try?”

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Illustrator: Mustafa Delioglu

ISBN: 9781921314704

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