November 2020 Writers Exchange Publisher News

2020 Publisher News: November 2020

What an amazing couple of months Writers Exchange has been having, we have not been able to keep up with everything!

Firstly, we have started updating the interiors of all our books with the following changes:

Scarab Scene Breaks
Scarab Series Scene Breaks

We have made the line spacing a little bigger so there is more room between the lines so it is easier to read! (Note: we are doing this for ALL ebooks but not for print books that are already really large, say 500+ pages).

We are also adding decorations instead of boring *** for scene breaks while we are there 🙂

We are also updating the “About the Author” section with new links and covers.

flourish-10 scene break Darkness Bound

We have the final updated cover for Will Greenway’s books:

A Ring Realms Novel: Reality's Plaything Saga Book 4: Savants Ascendant 2 covers


Blue Bar

We are currently in the middle of updating Karen Wiesner’s 100+ books with new covers!!! We are also putting them out in print for the first time, so that is awesome! Here are some examples:

Adventures in Amethyst Series Amethyst (Books 1-4) 3d cover Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 6: Rose and Thorn 3d cover Destiny, A Peaceful Pilgrim Novel 3d cover Home, A Peaceful Pilgrim Novel 3d cover2-in-1 Inspirational Romance Novellas 3d cover Cowboy Fever Series, Book 6: Drifter's Heart 3d coverAngelfire II Quartet, Book 1: Only the Lonely 3d cover


Blue Bar

As our books are updated we are changing how they are displayed on the website:

  1. We are using new 3d covers, as you can see by Karen’s new covers
  2. We are no longer putting the kindle and print covers separately, if it is in print the cover looks like the Savant’s Ascendant at the top of the page and they all have captions now saying if they are available in ebook and print or just ebook.
  3. We are adding their new “book with blurb” promo images to the bottom of the book page, which you are definitely free to pin to pinterest if you want… 🙂

Another change to the website–that will be my main job today–is adding the following graphic and links to our books’ series pages on amazon. That’s right, a new feature Amazon has rolled out (only in the US at time of writing). You can put your books into a series and the entire series displays on a single page, uninterrupted by other random books. (We still have the normal brown link graphic to the individual book).

View Series on Amazon

Blue Bar

And finally (though I am sure there was more…) our Amazon storefront now also displays our video book trailers!  Very hyped about this! I only have a few up there right now, but expect the range to expand.

So for those of you who would prefer to skip coming to the WEE website, and missing all our extra, awesome stuff, this link takes you to a single page that displays all our books rather than trying to find them, scattered everywhere amongst millions of other books.


So it has been a hugely busy couple of months, and I am not quite finished (mostly the updating our books and even putting out some books that never made it to print previously). After I have finished this mammoth task I can really turn my attention to pumping out new releases, and I even have a few new submissions to read and add to our book release queue!

You will also see a lot more pretty promo pictures going up on pinterest and facebook.

See you in the next publisher news…



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