Kathy Ann Trueman

Fantasy writer Kathy Ann Trueman also writes romance under the name of Catherine Dove. She lives in rural Texas with a lifelong friend and a menagerie that includes horses, dogs, cats, and birds. She’s addicted to chocolate, dragons, books, movies, and football. She’s a 50+ single who graduated from a small college and still prefers the quiet of country life.

An avid reader, she was an Army brat who spent most of her young life moving, so books became her most reliable friends. Her favorites are fantasy, science fiction, romance, and mystery, but she’ll read almost anything, even cereal boxes if nothing else is handy.

Kathy’s short story, “The Sow’s Ear”, was published in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress anthology series.

Author of:

Greenspell Fantasy Anthology by Kathy Ann Trueman

Stories from the Vale Series by Kathy Ann Trueman



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