Michelle Levigne

Michelle lives in Ohio. She graduated from Northwestern College, Iowa, with a BA in theater/English, and from Regent University, Virginia, with an MA in communication (film/writing). She started her writing journey in fan fiction–Star Trek, Highlander, the Phoenix, Beauty & the Beast, Stingray, among others. Her first professional sale was also a first-place win in the Writers of the Future Contest, with the short story “Relay”.  The main character, Rhea Jones, is the heroine of several books in the Wildvine fantasy series at Writers Exchange.

Michelle has written a number of series set in very different “Universes”, her largest being the Commonwealth Series.

Author of:

Commonwealth Universe Series by Michelle Levigne

Faxinor Chronicles by Michelle Levigne

Future Magic Series by Michelle Levigne

Killing His Alter-Ego by Michelle Levigne

Shadows of Mallachrom Series by Michelle L. Levigne

The Hunt Series by Michelle Levigne


Wildvine Series by Michelle Levigne






Author Interview

Free Short Story by Michelle

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