Sheryle Criswell (S.B.) Sturdevant

Born in Ohio, but spending many years in New York and North Carolina, I now live in Richmond, Virginia, with my wonderful husband , Bob, one dog, two cats, and 18 homeless outdoor cats which we feed, and have had neutered with the help of a wonderful local volunteer rescue group.

As a Director, Drama teacher, Playwright, and Costume Designer for the past 30 years, I have won numerous awards for my plays, and directed or costumed over 60 plays to date. I have also written 25 plays, which have won many awards over the years. Among them: the Charles M. Getchell Southeastern Theatre Conference New Play Award, the Charlotte (NC) Repertory Theatre’s Festival of New American Plays, the Eastern Illinois University New Playwrights’ Award, an Emerging Artists Grant 2000-2001 by the Durham (NC) Arts Council, the Dayton Playhouse FutureFest, twice, and most recently, the Brevard (NC) College Theatre’s New Play Competition for 2004, and the 2005 British Finals winner of the Geoffrey Whitworth Trophy.  My plays have been produced across the US, in Newfoundland and Labrador, and in England and Wales; and some of them have been published by Southern Theatre Magazine and in an anthology by Dramatic Publishing.

BERNIE BOLTON’S BIG APPLE CHRISTMAS, is the first of my BERNIE BOLTON BOOKS, and Writers Exchange has also published the second and third in the series, BERNIE BOLTON’S BROTHER and BERNIE BOLTON’S BOOK. Also from WEE is STRINGS, a novel about a young girl’s 3-year nightmare during the Holocaust.

I am currently working on two adult novels under the pen name: S.B. Sturdevant.

Author of:

A Bernie Bolton Book Series by S. B. Sturdevant (Sheryle Criswell Sturdevant)

Four in the Park – Four One Act Plays by Sheryle Criswell Sturdevant

Strings by Sheryle Criswell Sturdevant


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