A Heartstopper Horror Boxed Set

A Heartstopper Horror Series by Robin Helene Vogel

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A Heart Stopper Horror: Brad Simpson and the Ghostly Field 3d cover new
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A Heart Stopper Horror: Brad Simpson and the Ghostly Field

Talented eleven-year-old actor Brad Simpson has just wrapped up a movie with several famous actors, but he’s more than ready to settle down with a steady role on “The Pioneers”, an exciting new TV show. Despite his growing friendship with his young cast mates, Brad senses something seriously amiss on the set. He experiences terrifying visions and threatening ghosts. When an accident nearly costs the entire cast their lives, the director is forced to shut down filming while the kids recuperate.

It begins to look as if the show won’t make it to the screen…not unless Brad and his scared-but-determined co-stars team up to play a game of baseball against the Los Angeles Pioneers, a ghostly, doomed baseball team made up of failed actors from the late 19th century. Will Brad and his new friends solve the mystery of the ghostly field and successfully banish the spooks from the set to keep their show in production?Read More

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GENRE: Mid-grade Reader   

A Heartstopper Horror: Felicity's Curse 3d cover new
Available in ebook and print

A Heartstopper Horror: Felicity’s Curse

Twins Frankie and Tracy Considine are excited to be moving to Leams, Massachusetts to live in their grandmother’s beautiful old house. With their mutual thirteenth birthday looming near, Tracy and Frankie have much to look forward to…or so they believe.

When their beloved dog Muffin disappears, they begin to wonder if the move was so great after all. Tracy’s friend, Carol, is distant, odd–but Carol did just turn unlucky thirteen, so she wonders if that’s all there is to it. Tracy hears strange sounds coming from the woods that everyone insists is her imagination. Bizarre events begin to occur: Girlfriends turn up with frightening tattoos, a young boy abruptly disappears, and a fortune-teller warns Tracy to be wary of those she normally trusts. Eagerly looking forward to their thirteenth birthday party, she rationalizes away all her doubts while Frankie discovers the town’s tragic curse and realizes he and his sister are in grave danger. Either he saves them from an event that’s destined to happen, or they’ll be the next victims!Read More

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GENRE: Young Adult Horror    Word Count: 26, 602

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