A Peaceful Pilgrims Novel Boxed Set

A Peaceful Pilgrim Novel Series by Karen Wiesner

A Peaceful Pilgrims Novel Boxed Set

Peaceful Pilgrim is an unofficial series in no particular order set in Karen Wiesner’s fictional town of Peaceful, Wisconsin. Peaceful is a modern-day small community with old-fashioned values and friendly people you’ll want to get to know and visit often. Both the Family and Friendship Heirlooms series’ are set in Peaceful. How do you know destiny when it knocks on your door, or recognize it if it’s always been there?

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A Perfect Match, A Peaceful Pilgrim Novel 3d cover
Available in ebook and print

A Perfect Match, A Peaceful Pilgrim Novel

At nearly 40, Dante Robinson has never been in a relationship that wasn’t more than a one-night stand. His nephew, a college student, living in the upstairs apartment of his garage reveals that, on a lark, he and his friend started an online dating company, Perfect Match. Dante insists he shut it down…until the kid offers to hook him up with a “naughty librarian”.

Lena Young has worked two jobs since she was in high school. She’s 30 and raises the daughter of her abusive older brother, a truck driver, as if she’s her own. When her friend convinced her to sign up for Perfect Match, she couldn’t get herself to go through it…until Dante responds to her profile.

Developing a major crush on her brother’s best friend hadn’t been difficult when Lena was a sheltered girl, but Dante hasn’t been back to their house in 16 years. After she agrees to meet him without telling him who she is, she discovers he only invited her over to his house to get laid. She’s mortified but, when an equally humiliated Dante comes to the truck stop diner she works on the weekends and apologizes, begging her to forgive him, she can’t turn him away. Wanting to tell him to hit the road, she instead finds herself believing him, championing his determination to become a better man…convinced that, with him, she could have one thing in her life that brings her the kind of joy she’s always dreamed of but has never considered possible.Read More

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GENRE: Contemporary Romance    ISBN: 978-1-921636-71-4    ASIN: B0824TSX2X    Word Count: 89, 858

Home, A Peaceful Pilgrim Novel 3d cover
Available in ebook and print

Home, A Peaceful Pilgrim Novel

Small-town girl Ayodele “Della” Flynn lives in a city she abhors, where danger seems to be lurking around every corner. When her husband dies very unexpectedly, she’s confronted with figuring out where her home is with her young son River and trying to come to terms with the loose ends her husband left their lives in.Read More

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GENRE: Christian Contemporary Romance     ISBN: 978-1-921636-76-9    ASIN: ASIN: B0079J4E4I     Word Count: 85, 273


Destiny, A Peaceful Pilgrim Novel 3d cover
Available in ebook and print

Destiny, A Peaceful Pilgrim Novel

How do you know destiny when it knocks on your door, or recognize it if it’s always been there?

Christian Riley, Elizabeth Horace, and Oscar Albright grew up together, the cliched “church kids”, but Chris quickly found everything about his life stifling. When he moves to Los Angeles to get away from everything his existence has dictated for him, he doesn’t expect Elizabeth to follow him, but he’s known for as long as he can remember that she loves him obsessively…just as Oscar loves her. With Chris’s faith in tatters, he has no interest in Christianity let alone morality. Yet in the thirteen years that follow, he finds himself returning to Elizabeth whenever he hits rock bottom. Deep down, he understands she alone will always love him, no matter how far he strays or how much he hurts her when he uses her as his last-ditch refuge.

When a serial killer/rapist’s attack of Elizabeth is mercifully thwarted, Chris’s world collapses in on him with guilt and horror coming at him from every corner. The attack has changed Elizabeth. She realizes she’s put her life on hold for too long praying for Chris to share her belief that their love and life together is destined. After she severs the ties between them, Chris knows the only way to get her back is to give himself to the Lord. God begins changing him from the inside out, but–too little, too late–has he fallen in love when his angel of mercy is no longer available to him?Read More

Destiny… Do you believe?

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GENRE: Inspirational Romance     ISBN: ebook 978-1-922066-22-0    ASIN: B00CHIG4OO     Word Count: 67, 738

Once upon a Cliche 3d cover
Available in ebook and print

Once Upon a Cliche, A Peaceful Pilgrim

A series of unfortunate events leads an unlikely damsel in distress on a crazy, mixed-up journey in which everything goes wrong…only to go perfectly right when she finds her heart’s desire right back where she started.

Detached and ignored for most of her life, Brayla Sullivan is the awkward, ugly duckling destined for spinsterhood who’s never been kissed, never gone anywhere beyond the small town she was born and raised in. When she starts corresponding with a man from a “Meet Exotic Singles” website and he suggests they meet, she drops everything to fly to him in a last-ditch effort to find her happily-ever-after.

The only son in a family of daughters, Shaun Levi, Peaceful’s Chief of Police, has never looked the part of a dashing hero. Whenever he’d opened his mouth, his sisters had spoken for him or over him, and now any attempts at conversation with the opposite sex lead him to either a loss for words or making a mess that’s ensured he’ll stay a bachelor for life. Brayla has been nothing more than a buddy he’s known all his life. But, when a kiss between them on a particularly lonesome New Year’s takes a turn for the what-have-we-done?, he sees a side to his old friend he never anticipated…and the consequences may just leave him without a friend or a prayer of convincing her they could share so much more.

Brayla’s poorly-conceived plan to meet Mr. Right veers from point A to Z to F and every-sad-where in-between, leaving her hopelessly lost and desperate for someone to rescue her. Everything she expects to happen falls through while the unexpected may turn into everything she’s ever dreamed of…or all she’s dreaded. On the rocky road to happily-ever-after, who knows what can happen?Read More

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Genre: Contemporary Romance     ISBN: 978-1-925191-78-3   ASIN: B07Q2NSKGJ     Word Count: 79, 867

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