Ariana Overton

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Ariana became the family gypsy, travelling the United States, meeting new people and finding new places. As a reporter for the Suburban Journals newspapers in Illinois, Ariana had ample opportunity to meet interesting characters, and some of these (suitably disguised) turn up in her books.

She was a member of the Australian Society of Authors, Australian Writers Association, EPIC, a former Senior Editor and Director of Services for Romance Writers of America/Australian Chapter and a Contributing Editor to Suite 101 with articles she wrote about other authors. Her articles have been published in Inscriptions Magazine, Suite 101, Disceptatio–an e-magazine, Bamboo Grove and the Romance Writers of American/Australia Newsletter. She has been a Managing Editor for Sharpwriter and Senior Editor for Clocktower Books.

Her writing interest was in the murder mystery genre, producing three novels which are coming out from Writers Exchange, and she also collaborated in a trilogy on the paranormal mysteries of Australia with her husband Max (Glass Trilogy, also from Writers Exchange). Other books by Ariana Overton include a children’s book, A Gift for Roo and a foray into sci-fi erotica, Portal under a pseudonym. She was also a prolific and talented book cover artist with more than 200 covers to her credit.

In 1998 she went adventuring to Australia, where she met her husband Max Overton. She explored the country for two years, making many new friends and experiencing all that Australia had to offer, including a stint on a morning radio talkback show in Townsville. Returning to the United States in 2000, she continued to write alongside her husband until her unexpected death in 2003.


Author of:

Glass Trilogy by Max and Ariana Overton

The Devil is in the Details by Ariana Overton

Trapdoor by Ariana Overton

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