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A Bernie Bolton Book Series by S. B. Sturdevant (Sheryle Criswell Sturdevant)

Bernie Bolton Series Book Spread

Bernice Blossom Bolton–Bernie–is a nine-and-a-half-year-old force to be reckoned with as she charges head-first into the 21st century. Feisty and fun, liberated and opinionated, she’s ready to take on the world. 

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Berni Bolton's Big Apple Christmas CoverBernie Bolton’s Big Apple Christmas 

Not all gifts are the ones you receive…

Bernie is taking her first trip to New York City. Angry at the lack of Christmas presents she’s received, she decides to explore the city on her own. Eventually she makes her way to Central Park, where she meets remarkable homeless man named Ellis Duncan. As evening falls, Ellis Duncan tells Bernie about a long ago Christmas and a wonderful and unforgettable gift. Read More

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GENRE: Midgrade Reader   ISBN: 978-1-876962-74-6    ASIN: B003YUC8RG    Word Count: 18, 178

Bernie Bolton's Brother's coverBernie Bolton’s Brother

Only a few short days from turning ten, disaster strikes for Bernie! While babysitting her stepbrother Kirby, she watched helplessly as he fell from a tree and now he’s in a deep sleep the doctors call a coma. Bernie tries everything to wake him–from prayers she’s not very good at to intimidation, her second nature. Nothing works until Bernie visits Mr. Ralston, the oldest person in the neighborhood. His house is old, smelly, cluttered and kind of creepy. But Mr. Ralston makes wonderful cookies and has a mysterious secret box he opens only after telling a story from his childhood filled with wonder and a little magic…the kind that might wake Kirby from his long sleep.Read More

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Word Count: 23,722

Bernie Bolton's Book coverBernie Bolton’s Book

When Bernie was in third grade, she thought Mr. Soren was the most amazing teacher in the universe. He played games, did wood shop, and every Friday they’d had movies and popcorn. Now that she’s in fifth grade, Mr. Soren, the coolest teacher in the Universe, is her teacher once again. But unfathomably, he’s now worse than Miss Boggs, all because he’s making the class keep a journal of all the things that happen in their lives. What’d Bernie expected to be a wonderful fifth grade year is off to a really revolting start.Read More

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Word Count: 24, 167


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