Dangerous Waters Trilogy Boxed Set

Dangerous Waters Trilogy by Dee Lloyd

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Dashing heroes set out to protect the women of their dreams as they travel by boat over the Caribbean and the Bahamas, even to a clear lake in Muskoka, where romance–and deception–will take them all into Dangerous Waters.

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Dangerous Waters Trilogy, Book 1: Change of Plans 3d coverDangerous Waters Trilogy, Book 1: Change of Plans

Mike and Sara didn’t plan on falling in love…

Determined to change his image from “Mr. Nice Guy” to “dangerous and exciting male on the prowl” after a near miss that almost had him marrying the wrong woman, Mike is disillusioned and angry with women in general. His fiancee eloped with her boss while he was away completing a contract job in Africa, and he can only think, Good riddance! Now all he has to do is find a fun-loving woman to share his honeymoon stateroom…

Sara has never been in love, but she does want a family. She decides to take a cruise so she can consider the marriage proposal of Stephen Cafik, a wealthy electronics engineer whose political career her retired state senator father is encouraging.

But someone else on board the ship has plans–ones that involve killing Sara…

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Genre: Romantic Suspense     ISBN: 978-1-925191-40-0    ASIN: B077D7KY4X     Word Count: 82, 728

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Dangerous Waters Trilogy, Book 2: Ghost of a Chance 3d coverDangerous Waters Trilogy, Book 2: Ghost of a Chance

Bret’s well-ordered life is already off the rails when a lovely but bloody ghost confronts him on a dark, deserted road. Recovering from a recent injury that nearly killed him, he’s convinced his nerves must be in worse shape than he believed if he’s starting to see ghosts.

When Bret steps into the piano lounge, he sees a beauty on the stage, weaving a spell for her audience. Milly’s performance doesn’t suffer, but she’s intensely aware of the stranger’s unwavering gaze on her from the audience.

Bret is convinced Milly is the ghostly, bloody woman he saw on the road. But how can she be?Read More

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Word Count: 74, 454

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Dangerous Waters Trilogy, Book 3: Unquiet Spirits 3d coverDangerous Waters Trilogy, Book 3: Unquiet Spirits

Headstrong Kit Schofield heads north to her family resort at Spirit Lake, convinced the hit-and-run that almost killed her was a random act of violence. Not-so-convinced, lifelong buddy Bart Thornton joins her as a self-appointed bodyguard, much to Kit’s chagrin–at first.

Two lusty ghosts drop clues about old murders and insist that Kit and Bart are soul mates. One kiss proves it, unleashing unexpected, unwelcome and totally distracting passion between them.

Disturbing old secrets and equally unsettling ghosts lurk in the lodge as well as in the calm waters of the deceptively peaceful resort. In the calm, a deadly, elusive killer strikes again… Read More

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ISBN: 978-1-925191-64-6     Word Count: 65, 988

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