Fudge Shop Mystery Series by Christine DeSmet 2 book boxed set

Fudge Shop Mystery Series by Christine DeSmet

Fudge Shop Mystery Series: Deadly Fudge Divas 3d cover

Deadly Fudge Divas 

A taste of trouble is in the air when a group of well-heeled, fudge-loving women descend on Ava Oosterling’s newly acquired and lovingly refurbished bed & breakfast inn for a chocolate lovers’ getaway.

When one of the women turns up dead–and Ava’s grandfather is a prime suspect–Ava plunges into the thick of a murder case stickier than her candy store’s line of Fairy Tale fudge flavors and the chocolate facials the women adore at the local spa.

It’s springtime and the start of the tourist season in Fishers’ Harbor, Wisconsin. Ava has opened the Blue Heron Inn with the help of handsome construction worker Dillon Rivers. Unfortunately, Dillon’s mother–Ava’s ex-mother-in-law–is among the secretive divas who become suspects along with Grandpa.

Ava turns for help from her friends but they have troubles, too. One is eager for a wedding proposal to unfold on live television, while another friend is expecting her first baby and asks Ava to assist with the birth.  

Everything and everybody Ava loves seems in chaos–her fudge shop, her inn, her family, and her own friendships… Until she uncovers a thirty-year-old secret of the “deadly fudge divas”.

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GENRE: Cozy Mystery     ISBN: 978-1-925574-69-2     ASIN: B085DRFZML     Word Count: 90, 380

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Fudge Shop Mystery Series: Undercover Fudge 3d coverUndercover Fudge

Candy shop owner Ava Oosterling has her hands full when her best friend Pauline Mertens takes a summer job as a wedding coordinator–with the nuptials and reception scheduled in mere days in the back yard of Ava’s Blue Heron.

Then the sheriff informs Ava that a band of thieves storming the country may have targeted this wedding. And that’s because there’s proof Pauline’s mother is associated with the thieves…

When the sheriff asks Ava to go undercover, she finds herself in an emotional quagmire. Pauline’s mother only recently returned to Fishers’ Harbor after years of estrangement from her daughter. And, Coletta Mertens now works as the housekeeper at Ava’s inn. Has Ava’s fudge-and-wine hospitality provided a hideout for a criminal? Read More

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GENRE: Cozy Mystery    ISBN: 978-1-922548-13-9     ASIN: B097FBDNFQ     Word Count: 90, 925

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