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I Am Gifted Too by Valerie Hardin

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Kara, a bunny rabbit, hates school, not because she doesn’t have friends but because her “learning disability” makes her feel stupid. It takes one special friend to show Kara that, despite dyslexia, she has gifts that make her just as special as her classmates.

ILLUSTRATED BY: Mary Lacro-Mauritz    GENRE: Children’s Picture Book

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book!

I AM GIFTED TOO is about a dyslexic bunny named Kara, who sees words scrambled when she tries to read. When her teacher has her enrolled into a learning difficulties class, Kara begins to see the words better, but she doesn't feel very good about herself. She doesn't want to be made fun of. Mr. Panda is her LD teacher, and he shows her how to unscramble the word so she can read them clearly. At first, Kara doesn't like going to LD class, but when she sees that Mr. Panda's suggestions work, she then enjoys going to class. Mr. Panda places confidence in Kara, by having her say to herself, "I am gifted too." While eating lunch one day with her friend, Sally pig, Kara starts to draw a few pictures. Her friend is impressed, and asks Kara to draw a picture of her. When Sally sees Kara's drawing of her, she's ecstatic, and tells Kara that she is a wonderful drawer. That gets Kara thinking, "Maybe I'm gifted after all." Valerie Hardin always knows how to pick the best topics to write when she writes for children. She is a talented author ....

Jennifer LB Leese February 4, 2002

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