Publisher News: January 2020

2020 Publisher News: January 2020, the year ahead

Publisher News: January 2020

Hi all!

There wasn’t a huge amount of posts on the blog this month, but man are things moving behind the scenes!

Site Updates

We have nearly finished upgrading the site so it all matches with gold text (okay, we’re halfway through that). But all content EXCEPT for all our book reviews are up on site! Yay!

Twitter Fail

TwitterIf you follow our twitter feed, I do have to apologise, we have had two different “reposting” programs (they tweet a random blog post every 24 hours) and both of them had the same bug – they posted the first post in our alphabetical list over and over and over! I am sorry I didn’t catch that sooner:( Not sure yet if I am going to manually retweet our posts once a day or get another reposting program…

New Releases

We did manage two new releases this month (hopefully we’ll have a lot more than that next month!).

Hyksos Series, Book 1: Avaris, A Novel of Ancient Egypt 3d cover Arrow of Time Chronicles, Book 1: Immutable 3d cover

Both of these will come out in print as soon as we can do so:)

Print books

Speaking of print, we have less than 30 print books to make to finish off the ones we never previously updated or never made it to print previously!

However, that being said, one of our authors has decided to put all her books in print, so that will be another 130+ over the rest of 2020.

Our print books are going into extended distribution too, so they won’t just be available at Amazon! Currently working on that…

Coming up…

ThemeSo on our social media and blog, we will now be doing monthly themes.

As readers, we often also absolutely geek out over our favourite genres, not just in book form! So every month we will choose a specific genre that we will mostly focus on, and that will be the theme of our blog posts/articles/reviews, pictures from the internet and featured authors/books and TV Shows/movies and merchandise in the near future.

Additionally, we will be adding more book memes and other “general” book “stuff” since we are all book addicts here…

And so you don’t get bored if the month’s theme is not one you are interested in, we will still do motivation quotes, general book posts and a few items from other genres to keep you going:)

This is starting tomorrow (1 Feb here in Australia), and we will be focussing on Mystery/Thriller and Suspense! I already have two guest articles lined up.

Looking forward to sharing the rest of 2020 with you all!

Sandy Cummins


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