Josie A. Okuly

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve had my nose stuck in a book. Nothing in my childhood world compared to a visit to the library, since I yearned to spend every waking moment exploring the treasured books that lined the shelves.

I started writing stories and poems when I received my first diary at the age of nine. Through the years I’ve filled many diaries with my scribbles, drawings and observations.

In college I studied history and archaeology as I pursued my dream of becoming an explorer of lost civilizations. I didn’t become the next Indiana Jones, but I never lost my love of writing.

My work has appeared in the Adirondack Review, Anotherealm, Millennium Shift, Nuvein Magazine, The Harrow, E Street Journal, Cold Glass Magazine, Long Story Short, and Tapestry.

I share my busy life with my husband, son, and a feisty feline named Frodo.

Author of:

An Elephant Named Fiesta by Josie A. Okuly


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