Karen and Melanie Series by Kathleen Paul

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Best friends Melanie Honeywell and Karen Aimee share adventures, hardships and heartaches, and the growing pains of Christian faith.

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Camp LOS Kindle coverKaren and Melanie Series, Book 1: Camp L.O.S.

The church bus will be taking off for Camp L.O.S. on Friday. Karen Aimee had planned to visit her father in New Mexico while her best friend, Melanie Honeywell, went to camp for the first time. When Karen’s dad cancels the visit at the last minute, the girls make a mad scramble to earn enough money for Karen’s camp fee so they can go on their adventure together.Read More

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GENRE:  Christian Mid-Grade/Young adult     ISBN: 978-1-876962-30-2   ASIN: B003XYEAQA

The Haunting Past Kindle coverKaren and Melanie Series, Book 2: The Haunting Past

Following Isaiah 1:17, Melanie Honeywell and Karen Aimee take on the job of doing yard work on a rundown house for a strange old lady in the neighborhood. They soon discover Mrs. Coffenstein is lonely and frightened. To make matters worse, a troublemaker targets the poor old woman with acts of vandalism. In an effort to help this old dear and uncover the cause of her fear, Melanie and Karen may have to enlist the whole town–church, fire department, police and parents–to get the matter settled. Read More

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ISBN: 978-1-876962-50-0   ASIN: B004MYFU2I

Where Love is Needed Kindle coverKaren and Melanie Series, Book 3: Where Love is Needed

Melanie Honeywell comes from a large family and looks forward to her aunt and uncle’s adoption of a child. But, instead of the tiny infant she’s expecting, an obnoxious teenager becomes part of her life. Worse, Samantha attends the same Christian school and is in all the classes Melanie and her best friend Karen Aimee are.

To Melanie’s complete astonishment, Karen not only accepts Samantha as a friend but makes Melanie wonder if their own lifelong friendship is in jeopardy. Samantha seems to ruin everything: She fouls recipes, messes up clothes, and breaks everything–all without trying. Even as Melanie secretly hopes her aunt and uncle will realize Samantha isn’t worth the trouble and send her back, she knows the Lord has a message for her somewhere in this friendship fiasco.Read More

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ISBN: 978-1-876962-52-4   ASIN: B011LM9YD4

The Wedding Kindle coverKaren and Melanie Series, Book 4: The Wedding

Karen’s mom has fallen in love with a veterinarian, and the wedding is scheduled for the end of summer. Instead of helping with the planning, Karen will be busy babysitting with her best friend Melanie Honeywell. Priscilla, a six-year-old better known as Pistol, broke both her arms in a skateboard accident, and her grandmother just can’t cope anymore. It’s up to Karen and Melanie to keep Pistol occupied and out of trouble all summer long.

Out of the blue, a letter from Karen’s father arrives, announcing the plans he’s made to take Karen and his current girlfriend camping in Yellowstone. With a string of broken promises behind him, he’s provided no date for the vacation nor asked whether his daughter is even interested in going. If this is like all the times before, Karen can be certain he’ll either not show up at all…or arrive on her mother’s wedding day! Read More

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ISBN: 978-1-876962-66-1   ASIN: B011P0L660

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