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Laugh out Louds For Moms by Robin Helene Vogel

Laugh Out Louds for Moms Kindle coverDedicated to mothers everywhere, readers will laugh out loud as they read familiar little poems and brief anecdotes about the pitfalls, pratfalls, joys and horror stories associated with being a mother. Pregnancy cravings, projectile vomiting, post-birth and permanent weight gain, pediatrician’s visits, despising your kid’s choice of mate–all the predicaments are included to amusingly affirm to readers they’re not alone in the insane asylum motherhood can so often be. Rest assured that others are also sitting in playpens in fetal positions sucking their thumbs!

GENRE: Humour/poetry anthology     ISBN: 978-1-876962-54-8

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5.0 out of 5 stars You don't have to be a mom to enjoy this book!

I bought this CD to send to my favorite mom for Mother's Day, and took a look at it before mailing it out. I didn't expect to like what is really a "chick" book, but found myself thoroughly enjoying LAUGH-OUT-LOUDS FOR MOMS. Some of the poems and stories focus on husbands/fathers, making this a book not just for the ladies, but for their husbands, too. And many of the poems directed to mothers can be read by fathers, who will identify with them as much as their wives will. I highly recommend LAUGH OUT LOUDS FOR MOMS, which will make a fantastic gift for a favorite mom on your list. LAUGH OUT LOUDS FOR MOMS isn't just for the female contingency!

Dan April 28, 2002

5.0 out of 5 stars It touched my heart!

Robin Vogel's LOL for Moms has that special place in my heart that can surely start anyone's day with a smile. I did laugh out loud as well as cried at some because as a child grows, your memory captures that special moment of something never to be forgotten yet never to return again. But you can re-live that moment by reading this book! I can relate to so many of her chapters, especially the college ones now. A must to read and re-read to keep a smile upon your face. Laughter IS the best medicine on Earth.


5.0 out of 5 stars Laugh Out Louds For Mum is wonderfully funny and sweet

Robin Vogel's book Laugh Out Louds for Mum is funny but sweet, all at the same time. Her book now on CD and also available as an ebook for download, has wonderful illustrations, funny and real at home situations, and is a great read not simply for mothers, but for anyone who wants a laugh that is also a celebration of parenthood, children and life in general.

Jean A. Donnel February 24, 2002

4.0 out of 5 stars Attention Mothers Everywhere

I laughed till I cried. I cried till I laughed. I nodded my head silently in recognition. The author does an amazing job of immediately pulling you in whether you're an experienced mom, a first time mom, a mom-to-be, or even a dad! This book should be read and read again, especially on those bad days that you think you'll never get through and wonder why you became a mom in the first place. I dare you not to laugh out loud when you read this! So buy it now and know that you are not alone in your tears, pain and joy. There's something to be said about motherhood and Robin Vogel says it best!

Leese February 21, 2002

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